Monster Loves You! Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Monster Loves You! 
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 Monster Loves You! Cheats

Monster Loves You!

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam Achievements:
To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements.
You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Mainmenu or you can view them
if you signup at one of the Steam communities.

Unlockable                 How to Unlock: 
Dissolve Into Bravery    - Your courage and determination propagated to future generations
                           of Monsters when you Dissolved into the Spawning Vat. 
                           Your descendants will be brave.
Dissolve into Cleverness - Your wit and wisdom dissolved into the Spawning Vat along with
                           your body. Future Monsters will be just a little more clever. 
Dissolve into Ferocity   - Your life was filled with blood and struggle. You have left a 
                           legacy of ferocity to future Monsters. 
Dissolve into Honesty    - Your spirit was strong and you spoke the honest truth. Your 
                           memory will lives on in the minds of other Monsters & in future
                           issue of the Spawning Vat. 
Dissolve into Kindness   - You sacrificed willingly, right up to the end of your life. 
                           Now your kindness is paid forward to next generation of Monsters
                           born from Spawning Vat. 
Dissolve into Mediocrity - You lived an average life for a Monster, dissolving into the 
                           Spawning Vat with quiet dignity, doing your part for future 
Legend of Departure      - Future generations will speak of you -- a Monster who chose to 
                           break with tradition and forge a new life outside of Monster 
Monster Exodus           - You led the Monsters away when the Humans came. The Humans will
                           never find you. You can start over and live in peace. 
Monsters are Pets        - You tried to stop it but the other Monsters were too foolish to
                           listen. Now they wear collars and serve Humans as pets and beasts
                           of burden. 
Undercover Neurosurgeon  - Your strange road ended in a Human town, where you pretended to 
                           be 1 of them. You are a brilliant & respect doctor but you can 
                           never remove your mask. 
War, All Humans Dead     - You took the lead and the other Monsters followed. By your command,
                           they slaughtered every Human. Now Monsters rule the world entire. 
War, All Monsters Dead   - Your fellow Monsters might whine and howl at the injustice of their
                           loss, but they are all dead. That must be the wind... or ghosts. 
War, Endless Fighting    - You saw the peace of ages burn to a pile of ash. From the ashes 
                           rose two armies, Human and Monster, who will fight forever. 
                           This is your legacy.
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