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  Hints and Tips for: Nanny Mania 
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 Nanny Mania Cheats

Nanny Mania

- Keep yourself wired. After level 1-5, A coffee machine will appear 
  in the kitchen. The coffee machine can get you adrenalin up which 
  will help you to get to your tasks really fast. With each stage 
  having more and more tasks, taking the time to refill your cup while 
  doing your house work can get you finished with the level sooner 
  than later. 
- Get ahead of yourself, but not too ahead. Something that you can take 
  full advantage of is the fact that you can click as many chores as you 
  can in a row and let your player get at them one by one. Though keep 
  in mind that some things such as laundry, babies, and dinner make you 
  wait for the next task. So don't get too ahead of yourself. 
- Be aware of new problems areas. After each level, the house will add 
  more things that need to be cleaned. Be aware of the new items so that 
  you aren't standing there wondering why you haven't completed the level 
  with an aquarium hiding in a room needing to be cleaned like I have on 
- Dinner is very helpful. With the family at the dinner table wondering 
  where the food is, you can get a lot of the other tasks done while they 
  aren't adding to the mess. If you feel you have a ton of chores and they 
  want dinner, take your time and get some other chores done before serving 
- You can't do two things at once. When holding food, baby bottles, dirty 
  clothes, or a laundry basket, a lot of the chores can't be done. Try to 
  get those items to their next step as soon as you can. 
- Setup an early routine. Some chores will always be there when you start 
  the level. It's best to keep a routine for the first few seconds. 
  Experiment with different routines for when new chores come up with every 
  new level. This will really help you get a great start in the early stages
  of the level. 
- Go Room by Room. Some areas have a ton of messes inside one room. Working 
  on all the messes will help you to keep organized your tasks by working on
  rooms instead of individual tasks. You should also move to the next task-
  filled room closest to you as crossing the house for one small task is a 
  waste of time. 
- Get things done while you wait. With Dinner and Laundry taking a while to 
  get done, go ahead and get some other tasks finished. You can usually get 
  2 or 3 tasks finished before the food or Laundry are done. 
- Prepare for messes. Some tasks can be seen a mile away. Kids near the 
  mirror, Dad coming home to change, and a toddler by a bookshelf. Keep an 
  eye on the family for when they are about to mess so that you can take care 
  of it quickly. Keeping a bottle in the bottle warmer will help as the babies 
  actions are completely random as apposed to the rest of the family. 
- Clothes, clothes, everywhere. Make sure that you get all the dirty clothes 
  in one quick swoop so you don't have to do more than one load of laundry. 
  Multiple loads can get very time consuming and will eat up your bonus points.

Tips and Tricks:
1. Gather as much laundry for one big load.
2. Perform tasks while washing and drying laundry.
3. Keep refueling on coffee to keep your adrenaline up.
4. Clean an entire room before moving on.
5. Only move on to nearby messes, dont cross cross the house, it wastes time.
6. Learn the childrens' messy habits and you'll know where the next mess will be.
7. Have a baby bottle pre-warmed and ready to go at all times.
8. If you play as the dad, he won't mess up your perfect time by changing his 
   clothes at the last second.

1.Do all the clothes at the same time.
2.Do everything u need to do while everyone is waiting to eat.
3.On some levels 1-2 kids will NOT sit down to eat.
4.Drink a cup of coffee right after you serve dinner.

Also this is each mess each charater makes:
Dad:Parnets dresser, muddy footprints.
Kids:Beds(boys=boy bed ect..),sinks/mirrors,couchs,all dressers except parents 
     and other gender.
Boy teen:Toilet.
Girl teen:Her bed.

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