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  Hints and Tips for: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 
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 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Cheats

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Jutsu juggle enders:
After using a combo that knocks your opponent into the air, press Triangle, 
then hold Circle to charge a Jutsu. When your enemy falls and your heads are
at equal height, release Circle, and the Jutsu should connect.

How to do Bugged Achievements without the Second Controler:
Written by Astewir

Hey, I am very much enjoying the game but got little frustrated 
after finding out that some achievements are somehow bugged and 
steam marks them as completed only while fighting in two players 
mode, having only one controller and wanted to go for the 100% 
achievement score I decided to do a guide for those coping with 
the same problem. 
(I was able to do every "finish" achievement with team 7).

First of all, make sure that you controller is turned off while s
tarting the game (state where only keyboard is working), using 
only ENTER key, navigate into the second menu, there again, press 
ENTER, the "return to main menu" window should pop up, after this,
TURN ON your controller and select NO then select free battle mode.

-=Free Battle Mode Menu=-
At this state, your controller should be assigned to 2P, to enable 
1P press ENTER on the keyboard, now here comes relatively tougher 
part as to how to choose and control our favourite ninjas using the
keyboard as the only way TO GET THE ACHIEVEMENTS IS TO PLAY AS 
player 1, meaning using keyboard.

-=Part #1 - Selecting Ninjas
To navigate WASD keys will do the trick, to select chosen ninja 
press "L" key, same goes for support ninjas. 
Then press "L" again to get ready for battle.

-=Part #2 - Getting The Achievements
2P is static so it should't be problem to do most of the achievements, 
if you know this:

On gamepad (I am using the Xbox One gamepad button naming) is on kerboard

"Y" is "O"
"X" is "K"
"B" is "="
"A" is "L"
"RB" is "P"
"LB" is "Q"
"RT" is "I"
"LT" is "E"

So, for exaple, Fininsh the opponent with the supporting ninjutsu, you 
simply strike P2 (which is you controler) and when "he" is on low health,
you pres Q or P on the keyboard and get the achievement. 
(FYI Sasuke's fireball justu is ideal for this one).

-=Tricky Ones=-
Finish with a Support Combo! - This one is kinda hard, best way to do 
this is to mash "="(attack button), and after fourth hit press "A" or 
"D" and continue to attack, Naruto then launches the opponent in the 
air, and the support combo alert should appear on screen randomly 
wanting you to press either "P" (as RB) or "Q" (as LB). 
Try to not do the combo near the walls, beacause then there is a big 
chance the alert won't appear. 

Finish while Awakened! - For this achievement, you need to use your 
controller and damage the P1 (keyboard) until "he" has red HP bar, 
then simply aweaken using "O" and finish off the controller :) 

Prevent an Extra Hit! - Again, you need to use a controller first, launch 
the keyboard opponent into the air, and then on keyboard press, "P", or "Q".

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