NBA Inside Drive 2000 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: NBA Inside Drive 2000 
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 NBA Inside Drive 2000 Cheats

NBA Inside Drive 2000

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with one of the following command line 
parameters to activate the cheat.

Effect                       Command line parameter  
Easier alley oops          - easyalleyoops  
Hidden gym court           - floor gym  
Hidden High Voltage court  - floor hvs  
Hidden outdoor court       - floor outside  
Remove spotlights          - nospotlights  
Skip opening sequence      - novideo  
Big players                - hugeplayers  
Small players              - miniplayers  

Bonus teams:
Move the pointer to the lower left corner of the main menu. Click the
hidden button at that location to view the credits. The High Voltage 
Volts, Microsoft Testers, High Voltage 2 and Microsoft 2 teams will 
be available after the credits have completed. 
They may only be accessed by using the scroll bar at the team selection

* If you role-play, you'll find the camera angles to be restrictive at
  times (they tend to center on the ball carrier). You'll get the widest
  view with the sideline camera. 

* Role-playing works best if you play as a point guard, because you'll 
  be in control of the ball most of the time and can direct the offense
  with your passes. 

* To knock the ball free from an opponent, make sure you're on the side
  where he's dribbling; if you try to knock the ball loose from the 
  backside, you'll get called for a reach-in foul more often than not. 

* The shoot button acts a little strange at times--sometimes you have 
  to release the button to shoot, and other times you have to hold it.
  Head to the practice court and work on a variety of shots to get the
  proper "touch." 

* If you're playing a good shooter, the fall-away jumper can be money
  in the bank. Drive in close to the hoop, then move away from the hoop
  as you shoot--you'll swish nearly every time. 

* If the opposing team is in a situation where they need to foul, take
  control of the ball and weave your way to the three-point line--odds
  are, they'll foul you during the shot and you'll get a chance to sink
  three free throws.

No Intro Movie:
This command line option gets rid of the long movies that play when 
ID2000 starts. To do this you will need to click the Start button in
Windows and then click the run option. Then use the browse button and
find your "nba2000.exe" file. Then click on the nba2000.exe file and
click the open button. Then all you need to do is type -novideo after
the nba2000.exe in the run command box. You can also do this through 
the ID2000 shortcut on your desktop. To do this simply right-click on
the desktop icon and select properties. Then under the shortcut tab 
you will see the full path to the game and after nba2000.exe just add
-novideo. It will probably look something like
c:\program files\microsoft games\inside drive 2000\nba2000.exe -novideo

Hidden Courts:
To get the 3 hidden courts do the following. You have to use the run
command in windows and this is a command line cheat just like the mini
players and the alley oops. After the NBA2000.exe put (-floor gym) 
without the parenthesis. That will allow you to play on the gym court.
You can also access the High Voltage parking lot court and the outside
practice court with the -floor command. Simply put (-floor hvs) or 
(-floor outside) to get them. So basically there are 3 courts that you
can access by using the -floor command line option. There is also a 
construct court and a software court but they're missing files so 
they won't work. 

Hidden Teams:
To get to the hidden super teams in the game do the following. From 
the main screen move you mouse to the bottom left hand part of the 
screen until you mouse highlights. Click there and you will be brought
to the credits screen. Look at the credits and when you go back in the
team select screen you will see 4 new teams at the end of the slider 
bar - 2 High Voltage teams and 2 Microsoft teams. If you play HVS at 
home you will play on a cool court in their parking lot! 

Easy Alley Oops:
This relaxes the requirements for alley-oops to occur. It does not 
make your receiver cut for the alley-oop, it simply removes some of 
the checks to see if he's got a perfect lane to the hoop open. The 
way to make this happen is to pass to a guy who is breaking towards
the hoop. To get this cheat to work place the following command on 
the run command line right after the inside drive executable without
the quotes "-EasyAlleyOops" 

For mini players or huge players use the following command line 
arguments just like the one above without the quotes "-HugePlayers"
or "-MiniPlayers"

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