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  Hints and Tips for: NBA Live 2001 
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 NBA Live 2001 Cheats

NBA Live 2001

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: the great one

Getting Mike Tyson:
When all challenges in rookie mode. When you have did that, he will be on the
Magic. Secret character

Getting Michael Jackson:
Play a full season mode.superstar level. Can't simulate any games, you have 
to play all of them. Win the play offs without skipping any games, and you 
will have to win the championship. When did all that go to the main menu. 
Push "O" and go to create a player name him "Micheal Jackson", and when you"ve
have done that his apperance will appear. Everything will be fill in for you.

Defeating Michael Jordan one-on-one: 
* Turn all penalties off and know the key for hand check. If he has the ball,
  use hand check and he will drop it and be pushed away. This gives you time 
  to clear the ball and drive to the hoop using turbo. Alternately, after he 
  checks the ball, pump fake then run around him. Repeat the moves as needed.

* Make one point and the ball goes to winner mode. When he checks the ball,go
  with turbo Down/Left and then quickly make a circle around him, go for the
  sheet, and dunk away. Keep at this until you master faking him with a roll
  around cross over. 

Easy basket:
When they check the ball to you, fake the shot and they will jump. Run around
them and dunk the ball.

Michael Jordan:
If you beat Michael Jordan in one on one, you can use him in the classic team.
(1990's) When the game starts, there will be a guy holding a ball, when you see
that, hold N, then when the EA sports screen appears, hold B. And when the 
screen which shows the teams appears, hold A. When the menu appears, type NBA 
Live 2001, and there will be a team called The Laker's Peacers.

Chingy announcement:
Select an exhibition game and play as the Celtics versus any team. Substitute 
SG Cheaney for anyone. When passed to or scores, the announcers will say 
"Chingy the artists" instead of Cheaney.

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