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  Hints and Tips for: NBA Live 2005 
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 NBA Live 2005 Cheats

NBA Live 2005

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Sachin Patel

Go to My NBA Live 2005 and go to the NBA Lounge and then to NBA codes.

Enter the following codes:
Zoom LeBron II shoes  - Enter 1KENZ023XZ as a code. 
50,000 Dynasty points - Enter YISS55CZ0E as a code. 
All Hardwood Classics - Enter PRYI234N0B as a code. 
All Shoes             - Enter FHM389HU80 as a code. 
All team gear         - Enter 1NVDR89ER2 as a code.

Cheats List:
Submitted by: Sachin Patel

Enter these cheats on the codes screen in My NBA Live: 
Get 50,000 Dynasty points     - YISS55CZ0E 
All Classics Hardwood Jerseys - PRYI234N0B 
All shoes                     - FHM389HU80 
All team gear                 - 1NVDR89ER2 
Huarache 2K4                  - VNBA60230T 
Nike Air Unlimited            - XVLJD9895V 
Zoom Generation Low           - 234SDJF9W4 
Nike Bg                       - 0984ADF90P 
Shox Elite                    - 2388HDFCBJ 
Zoom LeBron II                - 1KENZO23XZ 
Alternate Hornets Jersey      - JRE7H4D90F 
Alternate Sonics Jersey       - BHD87YY27Q

Submitted by: karolis DJ Boymashine

More shorts-more, get new ball-ball biger new men in the team-gett team.

Franchise ratings change:
If you have a franchise, go to "Roster Management" and select "Edit Player".
Choose any of your starters and put any pair of Jordan sneakers on that 
player. You will notice a ratings change on all five starters.

Ripping shorts:
Perform a slam dunk with a center or power forward with a high power and dunk
rating (for example: Shaquile O'Neil or Rasheed Wallace). When they do a two 
handed dunk and spread their legs, they will rip their shorts. You must use 
instant replay to see it.

Easy points:
To get easy points, give the ball to your PG and use [Direct Switch] with 
your best dunker on the team. Then, set a pick and roll for the PG (or the
ball handler). Move your person in the opposite direction of where the PG 
moved. When you are a few steps from the basketball, press [Alley-Oop]. 
This works at least 80% of the time. The best teams for this are those 
that have flashy players (the Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Orlando 
Magic, Miami Heat, or just a team that has a few dunkers).

Easy dynasty points:
Simulate dynasty to the playoffs or pass the playoffs to the off-season. You 
should get a message on your PDA that states that you have received NBA Store
points.The amount may vary. Go to NBA Store to see how many points you have, 
then exit. Save the settings but do not save the dynasty. Go to the main menu
and load your settings. Go to NBA Store and buy items (shoes, throwbacks, 
accessories, etc.). When out of points, save your settings and repeat this

Better season mode team:
In season mode when trading, look for teams with one or more spots available 
on their roster. You can trade two or more lower ranked players for one of 
their higher-ranked people. Keep doing this with teams. You can then get even
better people on your team. Using this and the previously mentioned "Better 
season mode team" hint will not be as effective in dynasty mode, because of 
the salary cap. However in season mode, it does not matter. 
By using both hints, it is possible to get a team with Allen Iverson, Shaq, 
Yao Ming, Peja Stojakovic, Manu Ginobili, and other decent players.

When playing defense, if you have trouble guarding the ball carrier try 
switching control to one of your big men down low in the paint and "roam" the
key while your CPU teammate does the work up top guarding the ball carrier. 
This puts you in position to stop penetration easily and force your opponent 
to shoot from outside. If the big man you choose to control is also a Big 
Blocker (as indicated by the hand icon), he should be able to turn away even 
the best offensive players with fearsome blocks and in-air collisions. Playing
tough defense is your key to victory when playing against the toughest opponents.

Better season mode team:
Start a new season. Before anything else, go to "Free Agents", and sign the 
highest rated free agents you can find, such as Alonzo Mourning (70), and Karl
Malone (69). Replace good free agents similar to them with your weaker bench 
players. With more high rated people on your team, you will be able to make more
trades to get very good players on you team.

Easy dynasty points:
Play a game under the rookie difficulty in dynasty mode and get 20 shots in a
row. Just do dunks and play against a team with no shot blockers. 
You will get over 2000 dynasty points.

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