NBA Live 1997 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: NBA Live 1997 
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 NBA Live 1997 Cheats

NBA Live 1997

Cheat Codes:
To play with the secret basketball players create a new basketball 
player and give him a name of one of the game creators (look at the 

-=Here's a list of all the names you can enter=-
Ivan Allan, Sheila Allan, Greg Allen, Joe Amati, Steve Anderson, 
Daryl Anselmo, Renata Antonic, David Bollo, Brian Chan, Glenn Chin,
Stanley Chow, Traz Damji, Ed Fletcher, P.C. Gazzo, Kim Gill, Aaron 
Grant, Cindy Green, Crispin Hands, Shana Hoernke, Dom Humphrey, 
Kurt Hsu, Andrew Jinks, Al Johanson, Ernie Johnson, Michael Klassen,
Mike Klein, Shyang Kong, Brian Krause, Greg Lassen, David Laviolette,
Ken Lam, David Lee, Tim Lewinson, Marcus Lindblom, Adam Mackay-Smith,
Jeff Mair, Wil Mozell, Al Murdoch, Ted Murray, Sam Nelson, Daniel Ng,
Brent Nielsen, Casey O'Brien, Sean O'Brien, Darrell Olthuis, Jay Page,
Zoe Quinn, Rod Reddekopp, Sabastiaan Reinarz, Steve Royea, Giovanni 
Sasso, Darren Schueller, Dan Scott, Kirk Scott, Mark Soderwall, Novell
Thomas, Ken Thurston, Mike Vanaselja, Dave Warfield, Robert White, 
Brian Wideen, Tarrnie Williams, Amory Wong, Weng-Keen Wong.

Granny free-throw:
Hold [Space] and press [Shoot] while shooting a free-throw.

Provoking a technical foul:
While playing a game, when you press escape and return to the menu, 
you have to press on your opponent team's time-out (+) button. When 
you return to the game by pressing escape again, the referee says 
they've made a technical foul and you get a chance to shoot 2 times.

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