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  Hints and Tips for: Necronomicon 
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 Necronomicon Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH 

In keeping with the subject matter, there is opportunity to "die" in
the game. Save your game often! There are certain sequences in the 
game where you cannot save until you have completed the entire action.
Always save before entering an unknown area. 

Examine everything. You never know when you may stumble upon a vital

Listen carefully to the characters you meet. Some have valuable 
information to impart to you.

As William Stanton, you first appear in the study in his house. You
immediately hear someone knocking at the front door.

Turn to the left and exit the room to the front hall. Turn right and 
walk towards the door. Open the door.

Edgar Wycherley bursts into the house. In a very agitated state, he says
that all of mankind is in danger. He gives you a prism (it automatically
goes into your inventory). He cautions you not to give it to anyone, even
himself, if he asks for its return. He states that he has been sentenced 
to death" what he has discovered goes beyond madness"

Turn and go back to the study. (If you hesitate here, you will receive 
another caller right away. See following.)

Examine the room. You will find a key next to the telephone. Take it.
Exit the view and walk towards the writing desk. 

Examine the desk to gain a close-up view. You can open the left drawer
but it is empty. Take the key from inventory found beside the telephone,
and use it to open the locked middle drawer. Take the keys and the money.
Close the drawer. Turn and exit the room to the hall. Open the front 
door to Doctor Egleton. 

Doctor Robert Egleton introduces himself as a family friend of the 
Wycherleys. He says he has come on behalf of Edgar’s father. They believe
that Edgar is suffering from insane delirium, and are considering 
committing him to an asylum. They are also concerned about Edgar’s strange
association with Dr. Owens. 

The doctor gives you his card (which automatically goes into inventory)
and asks you to contact him when you see Edgar again. 

After he has gone, leave the house. 
Walk forward, and then turn left. Examine the motorcycle. Use the keys
to start the motor. Click on the arrow to the right to go to the village.

Pawtuxet Village (1st visit)
Turn left and walk past the church (six paces forward). Turn to the right
and walk between the buildings.

Walk forward, turn left, go forward twice and turn left. Speak to Ma Brady
twice. She offers to help you for a few coins. Give her some money from 
your inventory. She suggests you go to the grocery store (Crumb & Son 
General Store) and speak to Mr. Crumb. 

Turn to your far left and go forward. Turn slightly right, go forward, 
turn right and go forward out of the alley and back on the street. Go 
across the street and turn left towards the church. Walk forward four 
times to the front of the store (a dirty white building). Go inside the

Crumb & Son General Store (1st visit)
Walk forward to speak to Mr. Crumb. Keep speaking to him until he offers
to sell you a map. Examine the area to the left of the shopkeeper and to
the right of the cash register. You will receive a hand icon. Take the 
map, which will become your cursor. Exit the view. Open inventory and 
select the money. It will add another layer to your cursor. Click on Mr.
Crumb to complete the sale. 

The map will now be accessible to you via the map icon on the lower left
of your inventory. By accessing the map, you can travel easily and faster
to other locations. Mr. Crumb states that he has marked Edgar’s house on 
your map.

Take the matches on the counter to the right of Mr. Crumb. Complete the
same exercise to purchase the matches by taking the money out of inventory
and passing it to Mr. Crumb. The matches go into inventory. 

Open inventory. Access the map by clicking on the icon. It spreads across
your computer screen. There are four areas currently available to you. 
The circle indicates your current location, the village. Click on the 
house above the village at the top of the map.

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