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  Hints and Tips for: Neopets 
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 Neopets Cheats


Cheat Codes:
submitted by: RM

All during game play:

Code                 Result
topdown            - bird's eye view of the game
helpmeplease       - extra time
moretimeruki       - extra time
flybywire          - for a wire view of the game

Game Cheats:
These cheats should be typed in while playing the game.

Code              Result	
glubgar         - +1 life in Volcano Run II
ineedmoretime   - +15 seconds to your time in Kiko Match II
channyhungry    - +30 seconds to your time in Spell Or Starve
scarabeus       - +30 seconds to your time in Sutek's Tomb
kingaltador     - 1 extra life in Crisis Courier
a5paragu5       - Bigger Mallet in Whack-a-Staff-Member
slorgerizer     - Blasts a few slorgs at once in Attack of the Slorgs
empulse         - Blasts the surrounding enemies in Escape To Kreludor
rainbownegg     - Creates a 25 points rainbow negg in jelly blobs of doom
turdle          - Creates a turdle on your opponents side
Scallywags      - Creates a whirlpool in dubloon disaster
Nobubbles       - Dark Faerie bubble in Faerie Bubbles
buuuurrrrrrrrp  - Decreases your bloat by 50% in snowmuncher
superlaser      - Double laser range in Moon Rock Rampage
fishnegg        - Eat the fishnegg and get 50 free points
novisitors      - Extra 30 seconds on the timer in Moon Rock Rampage
geoffrey        - Extra life in Chia Bomber II
deliciousflies  - Extra life in Flycatcher
frumball        - Extra life in Frumball
spiderbite      - Extra Life in Korbat's Lab

Secret Battledome characters:
Here are some battledome characters you can find

Unlockable        How to unlock
Evil Sloth Clone  - Go to the VirtuPets Space Station	
Lava Ghoul        - He'll eventually steal from you and then he will become a 
                    battledome challenger.Buy the fire gem so he wont steal from you
Pant Devil        - Look at Lava Ghoul
Balthazar         - Go to the Haunted Woods
Spider Grundo     - Go to Spider Grundo in the Gallery of Evil
Jelly Chia        - Go to Jelly Chia in the Gallery of Evil
Ryshu the Nimmo   - Go to the Training School in Mystery Island
Sabre-X           - Go to Tyrannia and you MIGHT find him.If you didn't find him in 
                    Tyrannia...keep on looking there

Do Not Get Scammed:
There are people who try to scam you on Neopets. They use various tactics to do this. 
Here are some of the ones to avoid.

1. If anyone asks you for your password, do NOT give it. (REPORT THEM!)
2. If someone asks to be a 'helper' and help take care of your Neopets, do not fall 
   for this. They require your password to get their. (REPORT THEM!)
3. Someone provides a URL to get so many Neoppoints, or a free Paint Brush, if it does 
   not contain at the begining, this is a cookie grabber site. They are 
   wanting to get your passwords. (REPORT THEM!)
4. Someone tells you that they have an item that is the only one in the entirity of Neopets.
   You go and look it up in the Wizard, Auction, Gellery, Trades and search engine. You 
   decide to believe them. DON'T. You can't tell if the item is in someones Safty Deposit box.
   (Not reportable)
5. Someone wants so much NP for an item. They say that because it is a 101R item that it is 
   worth a lot of NP. You can't check the price of the item via the search engine. But the 
   fact is, the majority of 101R items are in fact Freebies. (Not Reportable)
6. Just because an item is selling in the Shop Wizard for many Neopoints does not mean that 
   the item is worth that much. Ussually it is selling for that much becuase it is rare. 
   Example is the Uni Lutari Stamp. Becuase it is in a rarity catagory that the real value 
   can't be looked up does not mean it is worth that much. Request that the person give you 
   the ACTUAL value of such items. (Not Reportable)
7. Guilds -
a. The Guild is having a contest. You have to gather so many items and send it to them for a 
    prize. (REPORT THEM!)
b. The Guild is having a contest and giving out a prize. (This is REPORTABLE!)
8. If a store has a black background and is hiding the prices. Highlight it. You may find the 
   items are costly. In fact, more costly then they are. (REPOT THEM)
9. A person is offering to befreind you and allow you to have a go at their 1np Friend auctions 
   if you buy an item from them for 1000NP. This is a scam. There is no garantee that they can 
   become your friends. Nor is their any garantee that you'll get a good item, nor is their 
   any garanty that they'll have many good 1np friend auctions. (REPORTABLE!)
10. A person is insisting in a trade that they want a certain value. They are going on the 
   fact that the item is selling in the shops for so much NP. But it's price is not even worth 
   a fifth of it when you search the item. Refuse to buy it.

Brain Tree Quest:
I am putting this one up because I see so many people in the questions section asking, when 
did so and so die. Well, it is random. Here is how to get your awnser.
Go and do the Esophoger quest twice at least. He will give you the awnsers.

Places Can't Find On Map:
To get to Roo Island, Kiko Lake, etc. First login and go to the "Explore" page. Scroll down 
the page until you find a list of places (with decriptions) in neopia. Look through that list 
until you find the place you want to go to.

ALL: Brain Tree Quest:
To get the correct answer for the Brain Tree's Quest, you must get the quest, then get a quest 
from the Esophagor. The Esophagor will first give you the date of death, then the place of 
death after finishing the second quest for him. The answer changes each time, because the 
characters are fictional: they exist only in the Brain Tree's mind, which is why you can't 
guess the correct answer. Even if you guess correctly, it will be wrong if you have not done 
the quests for the Esophagor. BE WARNED, the reward from the Brain Tree will almost always be 
worth less than what you paid to feed the Esophagor, and Brain Tree Quest scores are not 
cumulative like Jhudora's or Illusen's, so your best chance of winning a trophy will be on 
the first day of every month.

Getting rich!:
This is how to get rich.

1 - Put 7 Money making games on your favourites list, then play them 3 times each.
2 - Do all of the free things in neopia
3 - put all of the money you have made so far in the bamk (if you dont have a bank account, 
    create one.)
4 - go to the stock market, Visit to become a master of the stock market.
5 - go to the games section, play fashion fever, all you have to do is start a game, end a 
    game and send your score. this will get you 300 np for each sent score.
6 - Before you leave the fashion fever screen. not the one that you played the game on. look 
    at the URL(address) bar.change the 5 at the end into a 7. this will open up the wheel of 
    SLIME. Play it. its free and you allways get money.
7 - Put all of the money you have earned into the bank. You should have at least 7500 NP.
    (thats if you're good at the games in your favourites.)
8 - The next day, go to your bank and colect your intrest. it will be about 3 neopoints.

Then repeat steps 1-7.
Soon you will have over 100000 NP!

How to get SNOWAGER in the battledome:
Your neopet will be attacked, not killed! you need two accouts, and at 4 central time, the 
snowager will be asleep too! It needs to say "The snowager moves a little in its sleep so 
you go back" and then log out got to your other account and the snowager will awaken and 
blast your pet. the event should pop up.

Sutek's Tomb:
Type "plzsutekcanihavemoretime" to receive a 30 second time bonus.

Tyrannian Mini Golf - Hole 12:
When playing Tyrannian Mini Golf, Hole 12 (on the back 9) looks like it has a chunk of 
the course taken out and replaced with a hole that has water in it. However, it's not 
actually a hole. You can still hit the ball over it without the ball falling in.

Cant find faiere quest items?:
If you are on a quest with a faiere and you cant find the item they lost, trick them by 
buying that item they lost by searching neopets. Type the name of the item (with exact 
spelling) and then press search or enter. You will only see one item and that should be
the item the faiere needs. If they dont have the item in the shop, look for that item in 
the shops owned by other users. then buy it (with neopoints). Then go back to the faiere 
quest page and say you have the item the need. It will work and the Fairere will give 
you defence powers 

The snowager on terror mountain is awake from 6am to 7am NST, 2pm to 3pm NST and 10pm 
to 11pm NST. The snowager will do nothing, give you something or ice blast your pet.

Rowan Zapp
Sorry it's not an actual cheat but a little something funky. 
copy this into the URL bar andwhazam your playing a cool game.

To make more neopoints, remember to put all your money (especially from your shop till) 
into your bank account, then collect interest everytime you log on to neopets. The more 
ammount of money you have in your bank account, the more daily interest you get! And 
also remember, everytime you deposit more neopoints, scroll down to the bottom of the 
page and upgrade your account. Upgrade it to the highest ammount of money in your 
balance, for example if you had 40,000 neopoints in your bank, and have just deposited 
0,000, making your total 50,000, change your account name to “Double Platinum”. And 
when you have a balance of 100,000, your account name should be “Diamond Deposit”, 
and so on. The highest account type is “Ultimate Riches!”.

Haunted House Path: 
Choose: Continue down road.
Choose: Stay in Car.
Choose: Run from the car in terror.
Choose: Continue along the path, avoiding the old house.
Choose: Keep Asking Questions.
Choose: Head up to the house to look for the woman's baby.
Choose: Investigate the noise in the bushes.
Choose: Descend the steps into the dark cellar.
Choose: Try to break down the boards.
Choose: Read the book on history.
Choose: Run back up the stairs.
Choose: Continue along the corridor.
Choose: Continue.
Choose: Shine your torch in his face
Choose: Run down the right corridor

Easy Trophy Games:
(no high score required) 
1Beat Punchbag Bob Guide
2Cell BlockGuide 1 
Guide 2
Guide 3
3Cheat Guide
4Defenders of Neopia Guide
5Go! Go! Go! Guide
6Invasion of Meridell Guide 1
Guide 2
Guide 3
7NeoQuest Guide
8NeoQuest IIGuide 1
Guide 2
Guide 3
Guide 4
9Plushie Tycoon Guide 1
Guide 2
Guide 3
10Pyramids Guide
11Round Table Poker 
12Sakhmet Solitaire Guide
13Snow Wars

Pet Pet Recipes:
Blooky = Angelpuss + Triffin
Combobot = Neotrak + Avabot
Drackobunny = Drackonack + Snowbunny
Foobug = Buzzer + Fungree
Froiler = Bloop + Baby Fireball
Huggy Bear = Huggy + Cool Purple Teddy Bear
Moink = Snorkle + Flishy
Noilkeet = Noil + Pawkeet
Slorgclops = Meowclops + Slorg
Spoppy = Spyder + Poppit
Spoppy II = Can't be made :)
Spoppy III = Can't be made :)
Ultra Pinceron = Wheelie + Pinceron
Ultra Mega Bot 2000 = Combobot + Ultra Pinceron

Guess Weight:
In the Guess Weight, Play the game, and hit "Guess". And will said the guy "Wrong,
Try again tomorrow". And in the URL Bar. At the Last there is =guessWrong. And 
change the "=guesswrong" to "=guessright". And wait for your Prize.

Advert Attack Pop Ups Go Down:
On the stages with popups in it (which is actually lvl 2+) just move the pop ups 
down to the bottom steel bar and the pop ups that appear in the racing area just 
ignore them, since Race Robot is so slow and you would win with no pop ups in your
way anyway. But for some that appear in front of your face exit them. And always 
close the ones with white background around it.

Answers for Brain Tree:
To get the answers from one of the brain tree's quest, you have to feed the 
esophogar 2x!.

Wishing well:
Have you been wondering how to get free itims yes we know it its a wishing well 
but its only luck and chance but I have a secret that gives you the itim you want!
First go to neopian Plaza you will see a wishing well click it donate 1 N.P And 
type the itim you always wanted!

Ways to level up a NeoPet:
-=Training School=-
Its 2 times faster than the Academy. Pay Codestones for it. To easily get a 
Codestone, search at the Shop Wizard. Location: Mystery Island.

Its slower than the Training School. Dubloons are paid there. Dubloons are Cheaper 
than Codestones. Location: Krawk Island.

-=Deadly Dice=-
Count von Roo is awake around 12:00 NST (midnight). If you roll a lower dice, you 
will lose a level but if you roll a higher dice, you will gain a level. Only level
2+ can play. Location: Roo Island.

-=Colozontan's Shrine=-
Can raise your NeoPet's attack, defence, speed or level if your NeoPet says "Come on
Colozontan, make me stronger!" Or can even raise your NP if your NeoPet says 
"Colozontan, give me one Million NeoPoints!" But he can only grant 1 wish a day. 
Location: Lost Desert.

-=Secret Lab Ray=-
Can raise your NeoPet's attack, defence, speed or level but it can lower one of them.
Can also Change your NeoPet's color. You can get it if you have all the map pieces.

Game codes:
Code                              Effect
Faeriebubbles (or slumberberry) - To make it like it is the beggining of gameplay
stardust                        - when you type it you will get the Nova bubble (you 
                                  can do it once)
Faerieland                      - You will have the rainbow bubble when you type it 
                                  (use once only).
Bubbles                         - It will make the bubbles the exact same in your 
                                  screen while play (once use only).
Strawberryvanillachocolate      - It will give you an extra life in ice cream machine.
pyramibread                     - At any point during the game will give you the next 
                                  match in the game. This may be used unlimited times 
                                  in the game.
plzsutekcanihavemoretime        - At any point during the game will give you an extra 
                                  30 seconds in the hourglass.

Jelly blobs of doom:
It isn't deleted just search Anieesha and choose the user not the kiko look at all 
the games they played go 2 jelly blobs of doom and play it. If their is 2 much jelly
randomly click your key board and eventually a big blue blob will apear just dodge that
and the screen will reapear with a thousand little blobs of dark puple jelly.

A good way to start a fighting career:
First, play games and get 5000+ np, then go to shop wizard. search immense rubber axe
of doom. now, buy 2 and equip both to your pet. now! here comes the fun part. go to 
chia clown. use both and fierce attack it. basically, its dead with both of em. now 
keep raising np with games and get better weapons. then your a battledome winner!

Grundo Plushie:
Go to Faerie land. to the left of the city is a very small blackish dot. click on it. 
You will see an abandoned grundo plushie. note: doesn't really do anything, but you 
can click on the pic to see what it is "saying".

Wheel of mediocrity cheat:
Submitted by: James Ethan C. Urrutia A.K.AHigh_Jump_KickA.K.Akazukick

if you are playing wheel of mediocrity if you spin the wheel it will spin very fast but 
later it will go slow when it go slow click collect prize even if it is still moving but 
if you click the button on the item you want then click it.

Fast Neopoints:
Submitted by: Neopet Master

Here's how you get fast neopoints:
1. Play KeyQuest many times.
2. Open a shop.
3. Upgrade your shope to at least size 10.
4. Put the rare items (ex. codestones and paint brushes) that you won from KeyQuest in 
    your shop.
5. Price them at about 100 - 200 neopoints LESS than the shop wizard.
6. Wait for people to buy from your shop (they go FAST!).
7. Put the neopoints you won from KeyQuest in your bank account 
   (create one if you don't already have one).
8. Collect your shop till and put that in your bank account.
9. Collect your interest each and every day.
10.Play a lot of games to get even more neopoints.
Good Luck. =)

Brain Tree Answer:
You must feed the Esophagor 2, I repeat 2 times, and then the Esophagor will tell 
you the answer. Make sure you type it in EXACTLY like what it said.

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