NFL Gameday 1999 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: NFL Gameday 1999 
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 NFL Gameday 1999 Cheats

NFL Gameday 1999

Cheat Codes:
To create one of the best teams available you must first reset
your rosters, after that trade all the following players from 
the indicated team to the Denver Broncos:

 QB - John Elway, Denver; Brett Favre, Green Bay; 
 Warren Moon, Seattle; Steve Young, San Francisco

 RB - Barry Sanders, Detroit; Terrell Davis, Denver; 
 Jerome Bettis, Pittsburgh; Emmitt Smith, Dallas

 FB - Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay; Kimble Anders, Kansas 
 City; Daryl Johnston, Dallas

 WR - Jerry Rice, San Francisco; Randy Moss, Minnesota; 
 Cris Carter, Minnesota; Herman Moore, Detroit; Robert
 Brooks, Green Bay; Michael Irvin, Dallas

 TE - Shannon Sharpe, Denver; Ben Coates, New England;
 Wesley Walls, Carolina

 C - Dermontti Dawson, Pittsburgh

 T - Tony Boselli, Jacksonville; William Roaf, New Orleans; 
 Todd Steussie, Minnesota

 G - Randall McDaniel, Minnesota; Will Shields, Kansas City; 
 Bruce Matthews, Tennessee

 K - Jason Elam, Denver

 P - Bryan Barker, Jacksonville

 DT - Jeff Jonas, Free Agent; Gilbert Brown, Green Bay;
 Warren Sapp, Tampa Bay; Dana Stubbelfield, Ted 
 Washington, Buffalo

 DE - Reggie White, Green Bay; Bruce Smith, Buffalo; 
 Graeme Ing, Free Agent; John Randle, Minnesota; 
 Michael Strahan, New York Giants; Neil Smith, Denver

 LB - Ken Norton Jr., San Francisco; Derrick Thomas,
 Kansas City; Junior Seau, San Diego; Levon Kirkland, 
 Pittsburgh; Bryce Paup, Jacksonville; Ken Harvey, 

 CB - Charles Woodson, Oakland; Deion Sanders, Dallas; 
 Dale Carter, Kansas City; Aeneas Williams, Arizona 
 Darrell Green, Washington; Aaron Glenn, New York Jets;
 Cris Dishman, Washington

 S - Merton Hanks, San Francisco; John Lynch, Tampa Bay;
 Darren Woodson, Dallas; Tim MacDonald, San Francisco;
 Carnell Lake, Pittsburgh

Easy ways to score when on defense:
Control anyone when it is about 3rd and 15 for the opposing team. (Ken
Norton Jr. or Gilbert Brown are good choices). Call the CB BLITZ in the
NICKEL formation. As soon as the ball is hiked, move your man to follow
one of the receivers. Then, if they pass to him, stay approximately five
yards in front of the WR and jump. Done correctly, your player will 
intercept the ball. This strategy requires practice to be used correctly. 
Another method is to call the PUNT RETURN play in the SPECIAL TEAMS 
formation when the opposing team is punting. Then, control someone fast 
(such as Deion Sanders) on the right side of the ball. When the ball is 
hiked, go down the side and get past the blocker. Jump to block the punt.
Also press tackle and nail the punter for the sack. 
This strategy also requires practice to be used correctly.

High rated kicker and punter:
Go to "Create Player" and create a punter or a kicker. Set their leg 
strength all the way up and use the rest of your points on anything else,
usually tackling or hands. Save the player, and he will have a rating of 
98. A kicker with that rating can kick up to a 57 yard field goal.

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