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  Hints and Tips for: NHL 09 
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 NHL 09 Cheats

NHL 09

Submitted by: Hockey 

Everyone you can go to jersey nubmers and everything but heres topic
making a player you move him to teams you want going to roster 
management you can also drop players in the free agensey so thats
todays lesson.

Better defense:
If you are playing as the New York Rangers in Dynasty mode and want a 
better defense, sign Karel Rachunek from the free agents and trade 
Kalinin and Roszival for Dion Phaneuf on Calgary. The trade should be
accepted and your defense should be improved by at least 3 points. 

Easy goals:
Come up from the left or right wing (whatever is best for you), then 
take a slap shot five hole. About 90% of the time it will go in. 

Super free agent:
There is a fake free agent player, Sabrina Ladha, a goalie with a 98
OVR rating. To make sure she does not end up playing for another team
in your Dynasty or Be A Pro mode, use the "Edit Player" feature in the
creation zone. Get to the free agents and go down to "S. LADHA". Edit 
her ratings down to "50" on everything. This will ensure that nobody 
signs her. Alternately, choose to sign her to a team that you will not
be using or playing against, such as like a European or National team. 

Third jerseys:
Enter "xe6377uyrwm48frf" as a code.
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