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  Hints and Tips for: NHL 2005 
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 NHL 2005 Cheats

NHL 2005

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Easy goals:
* For all European teams is the World Cup of Hockey, all goalies will let in
  hard wrist shots from either the right or left.

* If you turbo across the front of the net and shoot on the other side you 
  are more likely to score.

* Go up the right wing to the hash marks. Turn half way around and one time 
  it. You will score about 90% of the time under the beginner, easy, or 
  medium difficulty settings, and 70% under difficult setting. 

Deflections can be done the same way as a one-timer. Shoot from the point and 
press [Shoot] again with players in front.

Most aggressive face-off formations have a far winger. Shooting or passing the 
puck in his direction might lead to some breakaways.

Getting good players cheaply:
Get your legal upgrades all the way up so that you can sign players for less. 
Save the game then release a high paying player into free agency. Immediately 
negotiate a new contract. With all the upgrades you can get players to take 
multimillion dollar pay cuts. Make sure you save first -- if you go too low 
on the offer the player may be insulted and not talk to your team anymore.

Recommended players:
If you need some extra help at the beginning of your dynasty (the first day), 
go to free agents. Make sure the best players are at the top are signed. Some 
of them include Iginla, Luongo, McCabe, and Lemieux.

Easy goals:
When you have the puck, use Open Ice Support to switch players. Have the player 
without the puck go to the opposite side of the goal. Have the player with the puck 
pass it to you, and do a one-timer. That should get a goal about 95% of the time. 
One-Timers are done by pressing [Shoot] just before it gets to the player. 

Most aggressive face-off formations have a far winger. Shooting or passing the 
puck in his direction might lead to some breakaways.

Keep team pads on custom team:
When making a custom team you usually have a goalie with white pads. To get his 
team pads, choose the purple symbol that looks like a wildcat with a scar across 
it. After this is done, any goalie from an NHL team (except for free agents or 
goalies that are under 70) will have colored pads.

Submitted by: Avishek


A little trick for trading big players:
Submitted by: sushant

this trick is best i think-
first go to trade players then select your team player that have low overall
like 72 then select other team player that have high number than 71 like 74 or 77
then trade them for that u wanna find these teams who want to trade ur playe.
when you buy 77 overall player then trade him and trade 80 overall player keep doing 
this after you get your player like forsberg u can stop or u can get better than him.

Easy goals:
All Canadian goalies let in a hard slap shot from the point. Make sure to set the
strategy to "Aggressive" and the defensive strategy to "High Pressure".

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