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  Hints and Tips for: Nicktropolis 
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 Nicktropolis Cheats


When in the juju realm pick up some ingredients and mix them in this order:

clover, red clover, blue clover, green root, red root, blue root, green flower, 
red flower, green flower.

Ok, go to gadget universe and buy the portal generator. then sell it. You buy it
for 200 nickpoints, you sell it for 250. for those who dont know math, every time
you sell it, you get 50 nickpoints! Keep doing this and you become Rich.

Submitted by: Zack

Go to your room. type in F*$L";/.]- and log of as soon as possible and you will get
500 nick points every time you do that.

Submitted by: Ejastig10

The easiest way to have many nickpoints without cheating and typing a code is 
playing Sea your Strenght. It is better to choose Patrick Star because he can 
hit faster.

Submitted by: sandstorm

The best way to get a girl/boy friend is to click on them say "hi" then push enter
then say "your cute" then push enter,wait until they say somthing back if they 
don't go for another.

Submitted by: cab81

Go to the Juju hut. [outside it] Find the green clover [or any other color] walk
over it. now go to your backpack. Click on it [this will take it out] Now put it 
back. Every time you do this it adds 1 nickpoint to you. 
Do this until you become rich.

Submitted by: Momo

Alright first of all to get good Nickpoints you don't want to enter that code because 
IT DOESN'T WORK!!! Trust me. I've been with Nicktropolis for atleast a month now and 
i know a lot more than a person who has been there for a year. To get good Nickpoints 
go to the Peir Entrance and you'll see bowling pins to the far left corner. Click on 
it play it and if you had 100 Nickpoints at first you end up with atleast more than 
500 at the end. Try hitting the purple pin and you'll get extra Nickpoints. 
By playing this I bought all the stuff i have in my room. Don't believe it well come
and check out and room and you'll see things that you can't afford. MOMO789 look for
me and check out my room.

Submitted by: 19alexa

1. Go on Nicktropolis.
2. Go somewhere like your room.
3. Minimize the your web browser.
4. Go on Nicktropolis again and log in as another nickname.
5. Follow the nickname you were just on.
6. Switch back to the other web browser and move your nicktropolis character.

Money Hints:
Submitted by: cheatsbook

Go to decor nation then buy the end table for 50 then go to your room click edit room
then sell the end tabel ok you bought it for 50 right then you sell it for 60 that 
means it gives you 10 points back ok do it.

Submitted by: pinkice90

To get the newsletter stores go to youtube and type nicktropolis newsletter store by 
avrilrox and then you click the links then put on your favorites ta da you go and have
a new duds in your closet.

Submitted by: bgdck

To get girls make a freaky name only freaks would know then go to the fuzzy room look
for a girl with a freaky name say there cute then go to there room not yours to many
girls pop up and ask them what your name is.

Submitted by: Trevor

This will let you get as many ingredients for spells as you want. Click and HOLD, I
repeat HOLD, the ingredient you want to copy,then drag It under the mix thing. Then let
go of the mouse and there should be the item you had in the spot you took it from. Now
move your item back inti your backpack and... VOILA you have copied your ingredient!

Submitted by: Pd

At attractions, it says "closed for renovations", butt the slime room still works.
eyewrule2 is my nn.

Submitted by: omar

So the easiest way to get nickpoints is by playing duble dutch beacause its faster and
if you try to play sea your strength it takes too long so press up and any key at the 
same time and you get cool stuff.

Submitted by: zoeyluvr18

Without cheating with codes and stuff play hop to it at the rec center outside and that
will get you a lot of money!

Submitted by: charles

They now have the puffer pop,tic tac curacy,and the basket barrel game at bikini bottom.
What im saying is that if you buy the games 1 game will cost 50 nickpoints and if you 
sell it it will give you 80 nickpoints. it gives you 30 more nickpoints. So just keep 
doing this and you will get rich and if you want to be my friend my nickname is pain171.

Submitted by: nicky

Ok welll first if you want to make money go to the duck pond and then there us game by
that little swimming pooland all you hve to do is press you keebored keys like the up, 
down, side to side and then you will have money in no time.

Submitted by: slayer2310

How to become a vampire/werewolf you go there and ask someone to turn u into one and then
go to the werwolf/vampire base and buy a morphing potion then you have to use it on ur 
self and youll stay a werewolf/vampire and when u use it on other ppl ur rank goes up.

Submitted by: tommysboy

Okay get this, i hope they do this again soon but if you got 1000 nickpoints for becomeing
a member, go to game of the week, you get 50 nick points, then go and do that newsletter 
thing, 500 nick points on the spot,then sell what they give you for a newbie pack, i got 
that on my first year of nicktropolis,all togeather you get about 3000 nick points.

Submitted by: jovani

If you want to get to newsletter all you have to do is when your about to log on on the
side of the page it says sign up for newsletter click it write in your info and you will
get messages from nick and when you do look at a message and it will show a girl and a 
boy with new clothes click it an ta da you get to newslettter ps. You also get 500 nick
points for signing up.

Submitted by: hic8

The easiest way to get nickpoints is to play whack an eel. You are trying to get plankton
the green eel hit but you first try to hit the regular eel. After the game goes fast just
hit plankton and the green eel after that you get a score of 40000 and over you get 300 

Submitted by: mszircon

Don't bother trying to code your way through Nicktropolis, because there are no codes
that can make you instantly rich.Believe me, I've tried them all and none of them will
do anything but waste time. Instead, playing NickMag Trivia is great way to easily earn
thousands of points, because it is usually three points per correct question not counting
the multiplication notice. Once you get up to x10 bonus,you will get 30 points per question.
That's 300 points every ten questions correct, and the money gets earned in no time. I had 
1,235 points in just fifteen minutes. It's te astest and easiest way to earn money, instead
of picking that stupid clover. P.S. Look me up, under mszircon. My room is full of stuff, 
and I have pretty much everything else in storage. I got it all without busting my butt on
dumb 25-point a pop games.

When it is wintertime in Metro Park and you go to the crossroad, it is clearly grassy 
with no snow in sight. This also occurs in autumn, with Metro Park being covered in 
leaves and the crossroad not.

Submitted by: kiera

In bowling if you put your mouse on your ball you can drag it and you can get strikes 
all the time.

Gold fish basketball:
Submitted by: skaterg291

Get the ball and press the side of the basket it wikll make it for you keep doing that 
until you have alot of nick points.

Submitted by: maxiene

Hi people,at the bowling game on nicktropolis,when you bowl the ball,keep your mouse on 
it and you will get a Strike!

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