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  Hints and Tips for: Nightlong 
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 Nightlong Cheats


General Playing Hints:
Search every environment thoroughly for hotspots.
Note the comments Joshua Reev makes. Many are hints 
for how to use your inventory items. Left mouse click 
to walk Joshua Reev from point to point and for a 
description of an object. Right mouse click will walk 
Joshua Reev from point to point but will also allow you 
to skip frames if you right click when you see a 
"Go to..." text. Right mouse click will allow the action 
to occur with an object, or give you a description of what 
Joshua Reev should do in an environment. The game starts 
you with a few items in inventory: credit notes, a minicom, 
an elevator card, a magnetic pen and a small key.

Game Play Hints:
In Ruby's Apartment

Return to Ruby's apartment and use the letter on the pen pad 
outside his door and then use the magnetic pen to gain entry. 
Take the note on the table, the photo on top of the refrigerator 
and the vodka from inside refrigerator. In the trash you will 
find a subway card. Take it. Now open the door on the right and 
go in. Push the switch beside the window, open the window, making 
sure the shutters are down and remove the tape to acquire the key 
hidden underneath. Now open the wardrobe and move the clothes 
aside to expose a safe. Open the safe with the key you just found 
under the tape on the shudder. (Inside the safe you will find a 
revolver, a tube filled with liquid and a report written by Ruby 
addressed to Hugh Martens. 

In and Around the Deserted Subway Station

Enter through the doorway to the Deserted Station. Glancing around, 
you will see that the ceiling has collapsed and has damaged the 
bridge across the tracks to the entrance to the Zoo. While on the 
platform, move down to the end of the platform and use the Bar to 
knock down the Loudspeaker hanging just above and to the right of 
the Info Booth. Pick up the Magnet that falls out and onto the floor.

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