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  Hints and Tips for: Night of the Dead 
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 Night of the Dead Cheats

Night of the Dead

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

10 Tips and Tricks for Surviving:
Written by SomeNutzGuy

These are 10 simple tips that I picked up in my first 10-20 hours of playing that 
will hopefully prevent you from making some of the same mistakes I did early on.

-=Tip 1: Research Prioritisation=-
There are a few perks you'll probably want to prioritise above the others. The 
two perk categories I would complete first are 'Worker' and 'Builder'. The 'Worker' 
category increases the speed at which you harvest all resources and the 'Builder' 
category reduces build costs . Combined these will save you a lot of time farming 
so you can have more fun exploring and zombie hunting!

As well as completing those two categories asap I would also pick up 'Zombie 
Hunter' (you have to also take 'Animal Hunter' as a prerequisite) which increases 
damage to zombies and at least one level in 'Porter' which increases your 
inventory size.

Out of necessity you’ll also need to take ‘Junior Engineer’ and ‘Engineer’ as 
some of your earliest research because they’re required to make traps.

-=Tip 2: Health, Stamina and Condition=-
The three bars at the top represent ‘Health’, ‘Stamina’ and ‘Condition’. 
The first two are self explanatory however ‘Condition’ is different.

‘Condition’ determines your maximum ‘Health’ and ‘Stamina’. ‘Condition’ decreases 
over time but you can reverse the effects and return ‘Condition’ to full by eating 
certain foods. Most cooked food as well as the ‘Energy Bars’ will work.

-=Tip 3: Have Two Sections for Your Base=-
The reason for this is that the zombies will take the most direct path to you. 
If you are not near your important stuff the zombies won’t be either.

Section One: Your HQ where your storage, crafting stations, research table and bed 
are. Lightly protected with a trap or two just in case.
Section Two: What I call The Gauntlet. This is where you will build most of your 
defenses and have the zombies run through all of your traps.

This way if you have trouble during the night your respawn point and other 
important stuff should be kept out of harm's way.

-=Tip 4: Upgrade Your Base Early=-
You’ll absolutely need to upgrade to stone then metal prior to wave six as this is 
when exploding fire zombies will arrive. They will burn anything made out of wood 
and the explosion will wreck stone. Even before that though, if something goes wrong, 
a horde on nights four or five can very quickly destroy wood and things can get out 
of hand fast. The resources required to upgrade your base to stone and metal are 
fairly low. You can have a decent size base upgraded by night three or four and I’d 
recommend doing it sooner rather than later. It might cost you more time in repairs 
and rebuilding than the resource farming would have in the first place.

-=Tip 5: Let Traps Kill Zombies=-
In the early game when resources are scarce it’s far more efficient to let your traps 
kill the majority of the zombies during the horde. Reloading a trap costs one ‘Tree 
Branch’ compared to one ‘Tree Branch’ and one ‘Piece of Iron’ for every five arrows. 
So, resources to damage output is exponentially higher for traps. You’ll probably 
want to save your iron for nails and building or for arrows while you’re out exploring.

-=Tip 6: Gather Bones and Hide Always=-
The main resources required for upgrading your weapons and accessories are animal 
bones, feathers and hide. It’s best to hunt any animal you see on site or you may 
find yourself unable to upgrade at some point because you haven’t managed or 
bothered to hunt any of the dozen pigeons (as an example) you have seen along the 
way. Something to note is that the only way to make ‘Processed Leather’ is with 
‘Rabbit Skin’. You’ll want a decent supply of this for later.

-=Tip 7: Place Animal Traps Early=-
It’s a good idea to place a few of each of the three types of animal traps as early 
as possible. They catch animals fairly quickly so make sure to check and reload 
them frequently. This will give you a steady supply of meat for health regeneration 
as well as hide and bones for weapon upgrades throughout the game.

-=Tip 8: Use Cars for Safety=-
Most zombies won’t be able to get to you while you are on top of a car. Due to the 
fact they have no path to you if you are on a car, they will either start attacking 
random things or wander around aimlessly. This will most likely not work all the 
time with particularly large zombies or ones with jumping attacks.

-=Tip 9: Avoid Killing With Headshots=-
In the current stage of development, if you kill an enemy with a headshot ALL of 
the arrows in that zombie (not just the ones in their head) will go flying everywhere 
when their head explodes. Sometimes you can pick up all or most of the dropped 
arrows but often you’ll only be able to salvage a few. This isn’t a big deal later 
in the game but early on you’ll want to save those arrows.

The best thing to do is start with a headshot or two then finish them off with a 
body shot or melee.

-=Tip 10: Trick to Pick Up Arrows From Unkilled Zombies=-
This might take a little practice and you won’t need this trick frequently but it 
might make your life easier in a tough spot. If you are in a position mid fight 
where you have run out of arrows you can pick up the arrows from the attacking 
zombies without getting hit.

The ‘Take All’ function has a slight delay while you pick the item up. If you time 
it right you can ‘Take All’ while a zombie with arrows in it is running towards you 
and you’ll pick up the arrows stuck in the zombie, along with whatever else you were 
picking up. If you keep your last two arrows for this, you can shoot them both into 
the ground in front of you which will enable you to use the ‘Take All’ function.

Hopefully these tips help to keep some of you alive! Happy surviving!

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