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  Hints and Tips for: Noita 
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 Noita Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Enable Secret Death Replay Editor:
All you need to do is find the “Nolla_Games_Noita” folder on your hard-drive.


In there you’ll find a folder named “save_shared” with a config file. 
Open the config file in a text editor and hunt down the line “replay_recorder_enabled=”0?”. 
Change that 0 to a 1 and save it.

Now when you die in Noita the menu will have an extra element on it, “Save death replay”. 
Clicking that will take you to a replay editor, enabling you to change the size and length 
of the file. with the UI. It’s all pretty obvious. When you’ve saved the file, it outputs 
into the “Nolla_Games_Noita” folder. 
Dig down into the “save_rec” and then into the “screenshots_animated” folder.

-=Tablets and Orbs Locations=-
Just a heads up, the orbs respawn even if you collected them on previous runs – they 
just contain health upgrades (+25 max HP) instead of their respective spells. 
If you can get to them easily, do it!

Emerald Tablet – Volume I is found encased in ice above the mountain entrance. You can 
hear it and barely reach it with base levitation. You can cut it out with spells to make 
it fall. Above the Orb and Tablet is a pedestal, simillar to those found in temples, 
glowing with green light – maybe it’s the place for all Tablets?

Emerald Tablet – Volume V is in the temple at far left side of Ice Caves.

Emerald Tablet – Volume VII is found with an Orb in an Orb Room. To find it, you must pass 
by a lava lake (using a water based spell or pouring potions on it), jump into a pit right 
next to it and climb a wall made of Extremely Dense Stone. The pit can also be used to 
skip levels. Picking up the Orb unlocks a Thunderstorm spell!

Emerald Tablet of Thoth is found at the top of the pyramid beyond the desert. 
The Orb gives you an Earthquake spell.

Tabula {NAME} is found next to previously mentioned lava lake.

Secretorum Hermetis – is hidden in an underground lake, below a tree.

-=Secret areas=-
Dragon Cave – “Heading to the right of the underground jungle leads to the dragoncave. 
Past the boulder sealing it, Amaterasu style, is a “rock”. Carving into the rock spawns 
a boss worm that breaths fire. Killing it drops a max hp+ and, for me at least, a 24-slot 
non-shuffle wand.”

The Pyramid – is found at the end of the Desert area. It has a dungeon in it, but it’s 
blocked by two brickwork gates.

Tips & Tricks:
* Use magic to succeed.
* You can kick the lanterns (very far), boxes and barrels to burn/explode them later at 
  desirable location.
* You can drink liquid with no limits (magic stomach I guess) you’re standing in by pressing 
  down. Without pressing down you can also fill an empty flask you’re holding in your hands 
  (this is useful to keep water on hand to nullify poison and burning). Beware that liquids 
  can be combined in one flask. You can collect liquids by throwing an empty flask liquid, 
  as long as it is not upside down (this sucks), this way you can collect liquids that are 
  unobtainable by standart method or directly damage you – as result you can store acid, 
  polymorh, flame?(not yet tested) e.t.c.
* Some liquids flow above the others while others below (that is if they do not nulify each 
  other of course)

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