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  Hints and Tips for: Nox 
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 Nox Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: Mehadi
Press [F1] to pull down the console screen during gameplay, then 
type "Racoiaws" to enable cheat mode. After cheat is enabled, 
type in the following:

Code                          Result 
set god                     - God Mode & Unlimited Mana 
unset god                   - set god mode off
help cheat                  - List Cheats 
cheat ability               - Reset User Abilities 
cheat goto {waypoint | x y} - Just to Named Waypoint 
cheat health                - Refill Health 
cheat mana                  - Refill Mana 
cheat level #               - Set Play to Given Level # 
cheat spells                - Set All SPells to Given Level 
cheat gold #                - Adds Gold to Character 

Get past arrow traps:
Run along the wall that has the arrow launcher on it and it will
not fire or not hit you. This is very helpful in the Field Of Valor.

Dupicate Iitem:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Must be in a mutiplayer game with at least one person or more. 
Drop the item you want to dupe our let a person hold on to it for
you. Hit F1 than type in exit. Come back to the same game, get the
item from the ground where you left it. Now it has been duped in 
your inventory. Hit Esc, click exit to save and character's item 
is then saved in your inventory.

----- -
* Use the Burn spell on dead zombies so they don't rise again. 

* You can reach through bars to pick up things. 

* Make a separate spell set for different types of spells (defensive 
  spells, offensive spells, healing spells, and so on). 

* Keep your map toggled open so you can easily see darkened doorways 
  or small passages that are hard to see on the main screen. 

* If it's made of wood-barrels, crates, boxes, and huge casks, for 
  instance-you can probably break it open. 

* By carefully maneuvering yourself, you can lead most monsters through
  harmful areas, such as campfires and lava.

Defeating the Necromancer:
Use Dispel Undead when fighting the Necromancer to kill him instantly.

Energy Bolt and Lightning:
You can do more damage on warriors when the Energy Bolt or Lightning 
spell is casted on them while they are equipped with plated/metal armor.
Use Energy Bolt when you're battling one warrior and Lightning when your
battling multiple warriors.

Stand on Fire/Lava:
You must be a wizard in order to do this. Cast Force Field on you and then
Reflective Shield. After you have cast the spells on you, teleport to a fire
pit or lava. Once you've done that, jump (usually the space bar button) and
you won't take damage from the fire or lava. Just make sure not to move or 
else damage will occur.

Walk on water:
* You must be a a wizard or have a wizard to assist you. You can walk on water
by setting four traps with the spell pull aiming towards the water. They must
be set in back of you while the water area is in front of you. Run towards 
the water and then trigger or have a wizard to trigger the traps and you'll 
eventually end up walking on the water. 

* Another way to do this trick is to activate the wall spell in back of you and 
then have four traps with the fireball spell aiming towards the wall. Run 
towards the water and activate the traps. This is helpful in the swamp quest
map since you can easily transport yourself to the warp gate when it's located
on the other side of land.

(Things you need:)
 -Wizard class
 -trap spell
 -trigger trap spell
 -mark location spell
 -teleport to marker spell

First of all, create a trap with a "mark location" spell inside of it. Then, 
pick your trap up and walk very close to the door you are trying to get through.
Do not touch the door, but be close enough to drop something on the other side 
of it, since that's what you are about to do. Go into your inventory and drop 
your wizard trap on the opposite side of the door, simply by putting the trap 
where you shouldn't normally be able to see (since the door is closed). Trigger
this trap using the trigger trap spell, then teleport to the marker that was 
inside of the trap using the appropriate teleport to marker spell! This little
cheat can be used to save A LOT of keys which can later be used for chests, 
get through golden locked doors, or just get you through doors you can't find
a key for.

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