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  Hints and Tips for: Nox Quest 
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 Nox Quest Cheats

Nox Quest

Duplicate items:
Submitted by: rickHH

Gather valuable items, especially diamonds, for your inventory.
Press [Esc] and exit to save your items. Join the game again, 
find a poor Nox player, and dump all your items. Press [F1] to
display the console and type exit to quit without saving. When
you return to the game, all your items from your previous save 
will still be in your inventory. 

* Save your gold and silver keys for the later levels, when they'll
  unlock more valuable treasures. 

* It's easy to clear the lower levels by taking off on your own, 
  but stick with a party of characters during the higher levels to
  increase your odds for survival. 

* Once you've found the exit, there's no hurry to leave a level. 
  Since you can carry so much stuff, look for hidden areas to 
  increase your score and find more spells and magic items.
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