Nuclear Strike Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Nuclear Strike 
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 Nuclear Strike Cheats

Nuclear Strike

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Grim Reaper

Cheat mode:
In load/save menu klick on password, then type a code and 
hit return. Listen to the level code sound.

Code         Result 
CHAINMAIL  - infinitive armor
UNLEADED   - infinitive fuel
GUNSRUS    - infinitive ammo
EAGLEEYE   - Recon Mode (You can't shoot, neither can the enemy)
OLDSCHOOL  - Top-Down View
SHARK BAIT - Shockwave (Shoot a missile or rocket into the ground,
             you'll see)
MAD BOMBER - Shockwave, Unlimited Ammo
CHEESYPOOF - Unlimited Fuel, Ammo, and Armor
WARRIOR    - Five continues
PHOENIX    - Four continues
DIG IT     - Holes appear when shooting ground
AVENGER    - No enemies during mission 1
CROSSEYED  - Overhead view
MPG        - Reduced fuel consumption
MAD BOMBER - Shockwave with unlimited ammo

Secret Mission:
Go to the load/save icon, and click "enter Password". Type in "lightning"
and submit it. Then when you start the game, you will go to the secret 

No Enemies:
To get no enemies during mission 1, type in "avenger" in the enter 
password screen. To get no enemy fire in mission 1, type in "eagleeye".
To get an overhead view, type in "crosseyed" as a password.

For those of you out there who wanted a more comprehensive list of codes,
here you go. I finally got around to checking out what those previously 
listed codes do.

HAMMERHEAD Level 2 (Different code than it will give for
                     completing Level 1)
DETONATE   Level 3
BLITZKRIEG Level 4 (Alternate code)
NOMANSLAND Level 5 (Alternate code)
BASTILLE   Level 6
LIGHTNING SECRET LEVEL (If you have the demo, you've seen this before)

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