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  Hints and Tips for: Octopath Traveler 
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 Octopath Traveler Cheats

Octopath Traveler

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Missable in the Game:
Written by marcv666

In this short guide there will be general knowledge about anything that is missable 
in the game preventing you to get your favorite achievement. The intent of this guide 
is not to tell you how to get a specific achievement but rather to give you a list of 
things not to forget that would require you to reset your progress if you want to unlock 
most of the difficult achivement.

When I started playing on the PC version of the game, the first thing I checked was if 
there was any missable in the game. Most people at the time were pointing out only the 
Obsidian Garb... In fact there is more than that, and the main reason people didn't 
know them at the time was because the switch version didn't have all those achievements 
to unlock, so you can imagine that all that matters at the time was to get every piece 
of gear and that's all.

Because I like the game so much and wanted to unlock every achievement, of which i'm 
very proud of having done, I did face the problem of having to reset my progress more 
than once because I've missed something. I think I've thrown out the window more than 
40 hours of gameplay, because i didn't have the information at the time and I learned 
the hard way. My friend got in an even worst situation having spent more than a hundred 
of hours and in the end trying to complete his item's list, finding that he was missing 
3 piece of knowledge he could no longer acquire without restarting from scratch, these 
were the only thing he was missing when comparing to my item's list and I got the 
achievement while he had to restart his game.

Fortunately there is just a few that I've found out so the list will be short, but if 
you don't want to throw many hours of gameplay for missing something then, you may want 
to check the following.

And just as a warning, I don't give a guarantee that this list covers everything, there 
are good chances there exist more, but at least since there really isn't much info on the 
subject it will be a good start for the community.

-=Missable List=-
Treasure Hunter: Open every treasure chest.

When you reach Cyrus chapter 3, you'll be dump into a pit in "Yvon's Birthplace". 
Don't miss out on the chess down the pit.

Eagle-Eyed: Found every hidden item.

In Clearbrook, Zeph has a hidden item, he normaly stand right outside his house. I'm not 
sure when, but I think it is as soon as you finish 4th chapter with Alfyn, then Zeph will 
move out on a bench right next to a beautiful girl as if he was cruising her, or this may 
just be my fantasy! hehe. If he's on that bench, he no longer have the hidden item available.
Also in Clearbrook, Meryl can be found at the graveyard. At one point she leaves Clearbrook,
and later when she returns, I think it's when you have completed Alfyn story, then she no 
longer have the hidden item available anymore.

Collector: Acquired every item.

Obsidian Garb: The only place you can get this is against Primerose 3rd boss fight, "Albus, 
the Right-hand Man". You can steal the Obsidian Officer to get it, and each enemies in that 
fight has 30% chance to drop it. You can get 5 at most if lucky.
Joshua's Weak Points (Knowledge).
Archibold's Weak Points (Knowledge).
Gustav's Weak Points (Knowledge).

You can get those 3 piece of knowledge during Olberic chapter 2. For every fight in the 
arena, prior to each fight you can Inquire/Scrutize each boss. After that, those NPC will 
move to their respective town and won't have that piece of knowledge available anymore.

Strategist: Discovered every enemy's weaknesses.

Meep: found in the main areas of the flatlands, tier 1.
Cactus Roller: found in the main areas of the sunlands, tier 1.
You have to get those 2 above before their respective zone scale to danger level 11, 
meaning before you get to have a full party. You can still get these with a party of 3 characters.
Sea Birdian 4: found in the main areas of the Coastland, tier 2.
Buccaneer 1: found in the main areas of the Coastland, tier 2.
You have to get those 2 above before the zone scale to danger level 34. You will have to 
complete 6 of chapters 2 quest before it scale to that level.
With a few test I believe bosses are not required but since i'm not 100% sure, make sure 
you get all bosses and event battle weaknesses. Restarting your playthrough after having 
done most of the game would be too much effort thrown out the window.
For this achievement you can visit my other guide for more in-deph info at.

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