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  Hints and Tips for: Official Formula 1 Racing 
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 Official Formula 1 Racing Cheats

Official Formula 1 Racing

Bonus track:
Win the championship to unlock the bonus "Jerez" track 
(European Grand Prix in Formula 1 '97).

Horrendous wheel spin: 
The game's horrendous wheel spin modeling means you will 
almost always lose positions off of the start, no matter 
how well you feather the throttle. To minimize this, don't
let the revs exceed 10,000 RPM when the red lights go out,
and don't feed on full power until your speed is more than
60 miles per hour. 

On a similar note: 
On a similar note, do not apply any gas whatsoever after you
spin or slide off the track. You can turn perpetual doughnuts
in sixth gear with a half ounce of throttle pressure (even while
still on the pavement), so you must be patient and get the car 
rolling by using only idle-level RPMs. 

Select the softer compound tires: 
Select the softer compound tires (D2 for dry weather, W3 for wet
weather) for all races. The wear factor is so minimal that, even
in a full-distance race, the tires will probably last at least 
until the halfway mark. 

The garage menu: 
Although the garage menu offers some user-friendly car adjustments
to experiment with, you don't always need to use it. At many of 
the tracks, you can generally snatch pole position with the default

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