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 Of Orcs and Men Cheats

Of Orcs and Men

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement          How to unlock
A hair too late    - Save a brunette in distress.
All this for that  - Trade an item.
All this for that  - Take pure water to the Shaman of the Mire.
Anger management   - Follow the path of the Master.
Big chest lover    - Find and empty 20 chests.
Bloodjaw           - Finish Of Orcs and Men at the highest difficulty level.
Class struggle     - Prevent a miners' revolt in the Mire.
Deratizator        - Deal with the Scourge issue in the shantytown.
Go bling-bling     - Equip a full set of upgraded equipment (weapons and armor).
Guidance counselor - Put together the best squad possible to assault the Pillar.
Hand shake         - Win the Black Hand challenge.
I know a shortcut  - Bind Skills to both of each character's shortcut keys.
I'm a killer       - Assassinate 47 enemies.
I'm the boss       - Unlock all of the Trophies in Of Orcs and Men.
In open air        - Finish Chapter 2 at any difficulty level.
Inner rage         - Follow the path of the Berserker.
Into the shadow    - Follow the way of the Shadowgoblin.
Jack of all blades - Hit eight enemies with a single attack .
King of the arena  - Survive the Row.
Manual worker      - Defeat a boss without using an automatic attack 
                     (assassinations excluded) 
Mercenary          - Finish Of Orcs and Men at Normal level.
My house!          - Learn and improve every Skill in a single tree.
No quarter         - Kill all the dug-in foremen and guards.
Nobody's perfect   - Kill the Imperial officer in the Monastery.
Off the Wall       - Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting.
One less nutcase   - Put an end to the madness of the Shaman of the Bowels.
Poisoner           - Poison three different enemies at the same time.
Rakash             - Finish Of Orcs and Men at Easy level.
Regicide the first - Kill Emperor Damocles.
Repeat offender    - Finish Chapter 5 at any difficulty level.
Samaritan          - Spare Dakath the repentant.
Slicer-Dicer       - Follow the path of the Assassin.
Smart and smarter  - Upgrade a Skill.
Talk it out        - Have Styx calm things down a bit.
Team spirit        - Put together a special squad to assault the Pillar.
The hard way       - Answer Sork's provocation in a language he understands.
Throat-slitter     - Let Styx take out the Imperial sentinels of the Mire on his own.
To each his branch - Learn every Skill in a single tree..
Warrior            - Finish Of Orcs and Men at Hard level.
Well trained       - Kill Dorek the Trainer.
You crack me up    - Break 15 spinal columns while Berserk.
You mythed!        - Confront Braggart with his lies.
Your sister too    - Finish Chapter 4 at any difficulty level.

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