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  Hints and Tips for: One Must Fall - 2097 
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 One Must Fall - 2097 Cheats

One Must Fall - 2097

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Enigma Question 

In the menu screen type 2,0,9,7 or 2,0,9,5 and a new menu will appear.

Submitted by: Dj Simo

More money & best robot:
Edit ?.CHR

Go to sector 0

Offset    28-34
Change to C1 EC E3 EA D5 C1 D6

Offset    40-43
Change to 05 27 2A A8

To swap robots:
Edit the file(s) and change the first byte to the desired
robot (ex: jaguar=0, nova=10), change the first 00 of the jag file to
0A and the nova to 00 (0A goes in the selected file, understand?) then
rename the files.

Sound Effects Test:
Press/hold ALT-S-F on title screen to activate a new menu item in
the configuration menu (Sound Effects Test).  Hehehehe.

Choosing Hidden Difficulty levels:
To choose Deadly Level (for ONE PLAYER only), keep pressing the right
arrow key even though it is on Champion Level already. Deadly will show
up after about 5-8 kep presses.

To choose Ultimate level (for ONE PLAYER only), press and hold down these
keys: O+M+F. Press them together at once will let you choose Ultimate

If you are in Deadly Level and (may not be needed) in Hyper Mode,
doing a Destruction on certain boards will result in slightly modified
forms of the Destruction being done. To try this out, choose Jaguar
and fight in ONE PLAYER mode with Deadly Hyper on, and do a destruction
to opponent on the FIRE stage (the one with the 'grill'

Easy money:
Purchase a Shadow Robot. Max out the Armor, Stun Resistance, and Leg Speed,
and minimize the Leg Strength. Fight your way to Raven in North Am tournament.
(This may also work with other Bosses.) Continually advance and quick kick 
during the battle. The combo meter will fill, allowing the fight to end in 
a perfect match, with a large amount of bonus money.

Unconscious opponent:
Select the shadow robot and knock your opponent unconscious. Perform the 
Shadow Grab, then attack. Your opponent will remain unconscious.

Upgrade robot quickly:
If you want to upgrade quickly to another robot (Pyros, Shredder) when in 
tournament mode, win against everybody except Raven. Lose against him in 
your first attempt, then win in your next attempt. The game's offering of
robots is not based just upon money and your robot.

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