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  Hints and Tips for: Overcooked! 2 
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 Overcooked! 2 Cheats

Overcooked! 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where Are The Save Game Files Stored?:
Overcooked! 2 Savegames can be found here:


(You need to replace USERNAME by your actual user name in Windows)

A User ID is a unique identifier used to identify accounts. Files are sometimes 
saved to user specific location such as using profile name or numbered ID in 
filename/path indicated by. This can vary between users.

Steam has multiple user ids, but the one most commonly used by users is the steamID64 
which contains 17 numbers and starts with 7656.
The customURL is a customizable id which can be set in the Steam profile settings.

Origin uses randomized characters including letters (a-Z) and numbers mixed together, 
ending with two hyphens. 
For example, Hawaii_Beach has the following ID: BobyAWXzmLlf6XXXNasXubNEw–

Ubisoft uses the GUID format.

Hot Pot Shot Achievement:
Throw 100 ingredients into a cooking pot

Simply throw your ingredients into the cooking pot using the [CTRL] button on keyboard 
or the (X) button on an XBox controller. This one can be achieved over the course of 
playing, however it is a bit of a grind.

Solution for grinding – Go onto Level 1-3, using one controller. Throw 3 rice over 
the middle table. Change player using (RB). Grab a rice and press (X) to throw it in 
the pot. Do it for all 3 pots. After that, take the pot and trash the rice, change 
player and repeat. You will get about 20 throws over the 3:00 minutes. 
Repeat the stage a few more times doing this to unlock the achievement.

It’s Bean Emotional Achievement:
Use every emote.
After finishing a level (score doesn’t matter!), just use as many emotes as possible 
before the screen changes. If you only use 3-4 the first time, do the level again, 
and use the remaining emotes. Just repeat until the achievement unlocks.

Unlock ALL the Kevin Levels:

When you meet the following requirements in the indicated level the corresponding level 
will become unlocked. These conditions will depend on whether you are playing Solo or 
Co-op. A combo is when you serve up meals in the order they are listed without failing 

-=Kevin 1=-
Level 1-3: Achieve a combo of 2 (solo or co-op)

-=Kevin 2=-
Level 2-2: Achieve a combo of 3 (solo) or 5 (co-op)

-=Kevin 3=-
Level 2-4: Achieve a score of 600 (solo) or 1,000 (co-op)

-=Kevin 4=-
Level 3-1: Achieve a score of 450 (solo) or 1,100 (co-op)

-=Kevin 5=-
Level 4-3: Achieve a combo of 4 (solo) or 5 (co-op)

-=Kevin 6=-
Level 4-5: Achieve a score of 400 (solo) or 500 (co-op)

-=Kevin 7=-
Level 5-5: Achieve a combo of 5 (solo) or 8 (co-op)

-=Kevin 8=-
Level 6-4: Achieve a combo of 5 (solo) or 7 (co-op)

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