PacMan - Adventure in Time Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: PacMan - Adventure in Time 
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 PacMan - Adventure in Time Cheats

PacMan - Adventure in Time

Cheat Codes:
Hit ESC and type a cheatcode:

Code                 Result 
IAINTSCARED        - God Mode 
SHOWMETHEMAZES     - All Levels 
INEEDANEXIT        - Win Level 
BEINGPACMANOVICH   - First Person View 
GETALIFE           - Add 1 Life 
KILLME             - Kill Yourself 
PACSTATS           - FPS and Other Stats
missionimpossible  - Faster opponents
steveaustin        - Slow motion
ihavenohonour      - Unlimited lives
senselesswaste     - Lose one life
plankton           - No music for one stage
imabitch           - Mrs. Pac-Man

Bonus Mazes in Maze Mode:
You can unlock special mazes exclusive to Maze Mode by progressing 
through Quest mode in Medium and Hard Modes. You can also unlock the
original Pac-Man Maze. 

Maze          How to unlock 	
Bonus Maze 1: Flying Tonight                - Clear the Prehistoric B period in Medium Level.
Bonus Maze 2: Boulder Run                   - Clear the Egyptian B period in Medium Level.
Bonus Maze 3: Rainbow Highlands             - Clear the Medieval B period in Medium Level.
Bonus Maze 4: Fortress Frolics              - Clear the Wild West B period in Medium Level.
Bonus Maze 5: Alienate                      - Clear Quest Mode on Medium Difficulty.

Super Bonus Maze 1: A Head For Heights      - Clear the Prehistoric B period in Hard Level.
Super Bonus Maze 2: Hidden Depths           - Clear the Egyptian B period in Hard Level.
Super Bonus Maze 3: No Pig                  - Clear the Medieval B period in Hard Level.
Super Bonus Maze 4: Bovine Bonanza          - Clear the Wild West B period in Hard Level.
Super Bonus Maze 5: Plan B From Outer Space - Clear Quest Mode on Hard Difficulty.
Classic Maze                                - Clear every maze in Maze Mode
                                              (including bonus mazes), eating the required 
                                               number of ghosts and 2 items.

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