Pajama Sam 2 - Thunder And Lighting Aren't So Frightening Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Pajama Sam 2 - Thunder And Lighting Aren't So Frightening 
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 Pajama Sam 2 - Thunder And Lighting Aren't So Frightening Cheats

Pajama Sam 2 - Thunder And Lighting Aren't So Frightening

The following mistakes in the game's continuity can be seen.

* The tunnel made by a cloud that Sam uses to parachute down to the platfoms 
  near the weather machines changes from being small to large. 
* The puzzle pieces that Sam picks up do not match the puzzle pieces that
  appear in the "puzzle game." 
* When Sam inserts the coins into the vending machine, the six buttons are
  beneath the coin slots with a digital screen on top. However on the larger
  view of the vending machine, the buttons change from six to nine, bottom 
  to top, and the digital screen disappears. 
* The weather machine's positions drawn from outside the factory do not 
  match their positions drawn from the inside. 
* When Sam puts the Velocimomometer back in the machine, there is a mini-
  movie of her head sticking up and her saying "Whee!" Yet when the television
  comes up to greet Sam, the Velocimomometer is fully in the hole except the 
  yellow part that has the gauge on it, which is supposed to be up. 

Factual error:
* When Sam is first in his house, it is apparently dark enough to be nighttime.
  However when he goes to the weather factory it is daytime and the sun is 
  not visible.
* The sun machine consists of a satellite collecting solar energy, then turning
  it into liquid. The sun is clearly not in the sky so this would not work at all. 

Miscellaneous error:
* Thunder and Lightning always check on Sam with a television, yet in the 
  control room, there is no camera for them to have been looking into.

* The solar collector on the sun machine turns sun energy into liquid. How 
  could the machine be making sun, also use the sun?

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