Panzer Commander Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Panzer Commander 
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 Panzer Commander Cheats

Panzer Commander

Cheat Codes:
Open the file panzer.ini with the notepad and search for SIM.
Add here the line TestCheat =True

Now you have:
[Ctrl][Space][Del]  - Targeted vehicle will be destroyed
[Ctrl][Space][End]  - Kill yourself
[Ctrl][Space][F12]  - Win mission
[F12]               - Lose mission

* Never run your tanks in column formation if you are going to give 
  them the fire-at-will command; they will kill you by accident. The
  inverted wedge formation is usually the safest.

* Don't disregard bunkers until you identify which weapons they have.
  Machine guns are usually irrelevant, but an antitank gun behind some
  sandbags can ruin your whole day.

* Following your waypoints usually results in an early death. Assume 
  that ambushes abound along your route, and use them as a loose 
  guideline while taking a route with better cover.
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