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  Hints and Tips for: Pathfinder: Kingmaker 
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 Pathfinder: Kingmaker Cheats

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where do I find my savegames?:
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Savegames can be found here:

AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Saved Games

(For those who donít know, you can copy/paste the above path with the % 
chars in it in explorer and itíll directly open the folder)

Free Loot Glitch:
If you have jaethal as special when resting you get undead guardians. If you 
do this when resting during a mission. They appear when your attacked and 
they die right after.

Bonus when you wake up there bodies are lootable. Got like20 sets of masterwork 
longswordss and armor. And plain heavy shields.

Nice free loot.

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.

Tips & Tricks:
* Formations make a big difference. Unfortunately it seems you need to manually 
  change formations every time you get a new companion.

* Bear in mind how easy it is to flank and be flanked (two enemies adjacent). 
  Thatís a free +2 to hit and activates sneak attacks.

* Drinking a potion gives your adjacent melee opponent(s) a free attack of opportunity. 
  Getting up from prone does the same. Try and heal before combat rather than during.

* For most skills, it seems better to have one specialist in each than a bunch of 
  generalists. The exceptions seem to be perception (checks take multiple rolls), 
  use magic device and mobility (you use on yourself). Everyone with high wis or 
  perception as a class skill should probably take perception (unless they are really 
  hurting for skill points).

* Use magic device is a really long term investment for most but it should pay off.

* From the tooltip, it seems you need arcane knowledge on the specific character to 
  learn new spells from scrolls (important for wizards, magus, alchemists).

* Orisons/cantrips are free but will quickly be out-classed. Use them extensively 
  at low levels while you can.

* For spontaneous casters (bards, inquisitors, sorcerers) with limited spells known, 
  each and every spell you take is a precious, precious resource. Try and take spells 
  which seem like they will have value throughout the game (i.e those that scale with 
  caster level) rather than those that do not. For example, sleep looks like a great 
  spell and it is at low levels. But you wonít cast it at all from the mid-levels on. 
  Leave those kind of spells to the wizard.

* Shooting into melee attracts a -4 penalty to hit. Ranged specialists take precise 
  shot to remove this. Recreational archers should generally try a different target.

* Use energy attacks/spells for swarms. They have high DR to weapons by design.

How to Use Custom Portraits:
You can prepare three your own portraits with names: Small, Medium and Fulllength. 
All these images must be saved in PNG format with resolutions:

Small       width: 185px, height: 242px;
Medium      width: 330px, height: 432px;
Fulllength  width: 692px, height: 1024px;

The gameflow looks like:
1. Start a New game.
2. Choose "Create a new character".
3. Click on icon "Custom portrait".
4. Click on button "Open portraits folder". (It works for Windows and Mac)
5. Replace portraits in opened folder or change it in your graphic redactor.
6. Click "Refresh portraits".
7. Enjoy your own portraits.
Also it works for custom companions.

How to Defeat Tartuccio (The Kamikaze Strategy):
Written by GrandMajora

An amusing way I found of defeating Tartuccio during the battle at the Sycamore.

-=Blaze of Glory!=-
Seeing as how so many people are having trouble with Tartuccio and the Sycamore, I've 
decided to write this simple guide on a clever (if somewhat reckless) way of defeating 
him. It's quick, it's easy and if you do it correctly, the boss will handle most of the 
fight for you!

The first thing players will probably notice when entering this boss battle is that it's 
like a knife fight in a cupboard. The door locks behind you, trapping you in a small 
space with an army of Kobolds who look ready to mess up your day. And behind them all 
stands Tartuccio, in his purple kobold disguise.

The second thing players will probably notice is that Tartuccio is a bit of a moron, 
because the first thing he does in this battle is start casting a Fireball spell! 
Although in his defense, Sorcerers don't really need intelligence in order to cast 

Now anybody who's familiar with D&D knows that Fireball is bad news, especially since 
this battle is probably taking place at a point in the game where your own party can 
only cast up to 2nd level spells. But don't worry, because Tartuccio has almost quite 
literally shot himself in the foot with this strategy!

As I said, this is a tiny room, and Fireball has a 20 foot explosive radius that hits 
everything within range, including friendly fire! And to make things even better, the 
army of kobolds he has with him are scattered around the room, instead of clustered 
into a scaley shield wall. 
This gives you the opening you need to pull off the Kamikaze strategy.

Once the battle begins, command your entire party to immediately rush Tartuccio, 
while ignoring every other Kobold in the room. The army is spread out enough that 
your team is able to run right past them, which causes the Kobolds to begin chasing 
you back towards Tartuccio's direction.

Now for the beautiful part, Tartuccio should be in the process of casting Fireball, 
except that the people he was targeting are now directly on top of him. So what does
 he decide to do?

He casts the Fireball at point blank range, causing it to literally explode in his 
face! But that's not all, because the size of the explosion should be large enough 
that he also blows up his own army who were rushing to help him!

Now depending on your level, equipment and difficulty settings, there's a good 
chance most of your party survived the spell, but Tartuccio's minions are not so 
lucky. Kobolds are weak enough that anybody who got hit with that Fireball is 
probably dead, or on the verge of death.

With Tartuccio reeling from the 6D6 Fireball he just shot himself with, and most
of his army reduced to crispy, Kobold burgers, you should have a much easier time 
killing him!

Kingdom Management Tips:
If there is a big crisis, do not wait, donít do a bunch of sidequests, get to it 
ASAP. Especially donít waste precious time with the projects that fast forward 14 

If there is a big crisis, do not wait, donít do a bunch of sidequests, get to it 
ASAP. I really mean it, the game will spawn additional and harder problem events 
that will sooner or later prevent you from assigning advisors to all problems. 
This can lead to a downward spiral that might end your kingdom and your game. If 
you wait really long, there is even an event that will just end your kingdom (with 
no way at all to handle it successfully). You can still solve your sidequests and 
build your kingdom afterwards, I promiseÖ

You can only access your kingdom management screen when you are inside your barony. 
It doesnít have to be your capital city, any area you claimed will work. Warning: 
This includes getting notifications about events (specifically, not getting them 
The most common kingdom events must be adressed before the start of the next month, 
so make sure you return to friendly lands before the end of the month and adress 
all problems (since they can really take you down), and then with leftover advisors 
adress opportunites.

Certain projects like adding new lands or upgrading an advisor automatically 
progress time by 14 days. Save beforehand, and try to time them at the start of the 
month (so you still have some time to adress new problems and opportunities before
 months end)

You can buy BPs at a rate of 1 BP = 80 gold from the merchant on the central square.
Upgrading a village to a town requires 3 regions, the upgrade of the 2nd village to 
a town requires 5 regions etc. A city requires 3 towns. Also the town upgrade 
requires at least 6 building slots filled in the village. Upgrades are done via 
projects and pop up automatically when requirements are met.
You get additional advisors by leveling the relevant stat of your advisor to 60. 
E.g. Hagrim will introduce the arcane advisor when you reach divine 60. It might 
also require a certain advisor level (3).

You can improve your advisors success rate by leveling up the appropriate rating. 
Each level of economy adds +2 to the economy advisors roll. If the advisor is a 
companion, you can also improve the appropriate stat by adding e.g. a headband 
of intelligence to your economy advisor. Its basically a roll of d20 + 2*rank + 
stat bonus vs a DC (like a skill check, but the skill rating is the kingom rank).

And thats it. Focus on problems before opportunities, check your kingdom before 
the turn of the month, and solve any crisis with absolute priority, and you can 
get a prospering kingdom soon.

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