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  Hints and Tips for: Pathologic 
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 Pathologic Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

This involves some file editing. Make sure to create a backup before changing
the contents of the files or you get to screw yourself with a re-install.
Go to the game's "data" directory and search find a file called config.ini 
Open the file using Notepad or text editor equivalent and locate the string 
section [ General ].
Insert the line EnableConsole = 1 and change the value of the ShowConsoleLog = 0
to ShowConsoleLog = 1 Save the config.ini file as an INI file.

Now locate a second file called init.cfg (same directory). 
Add a key bind according to the function you want to use. For example:

bindcmd f1 god
bindcmd f2 fly on
bindcmd f3 fly off
bind y slow
bind u normal

If you made changed ShowConsoleLog = 1 earlier from the config file, you will see the 
effect of the codes at the bottom left corner of the screen when a key is pressed. 
Save and close both files (as INI files) and boot the game.

Here are the codes you can use if a key is bound (or assigned) to it:
god               - invulnerability
fly on            - fly
fly off           - walk
id_.player 		- retrieves the id number of your player character, his coordinates
                    and direction
id_.trace 		- retrieves the id number of the actor targeted
go scene$ 		- teleports the player to scene$ as in "go Sobor" (goes to 'sobor' map)
map 			- retrieves the name of the current scene
slow 			- slows down game, sort of a bullet time effect
normal            - returns to normal speed
vis 			- retrieves id numbers of all actors currently in the view
items id_actor$ 	- retrieves the list of objects in the inventory of id_actor$
additem id_actor$$ count$ - adds the$ to the inventory of id_actor$ 
                                       equal to the count$ (count$ defaults to 1)$ list is the file items.xml, which is inside the file called World.vfs 
You may be able to decompress it with WINZIP or similar decompression programs 
(or just explore the darn thing).

propl$$ value$ - see below
propf$$ value$ - changes the property of the selected actor to the 
                                      value used

Valid value Properties:
health      - health. max value: 1.
tiredness 	- fatigue. max value: 1.
hunger      - hunger. max value: 1.
disease 	- infection. max value: 1.
reputation  - reputation. max value: 1.
money       - amount of money

Note that actors are not only people or animals. Doors and other inanimated objects 
are actors too. For instance locked = 1 - means the door is closed, locked = 0 - 
means door is open. That way you can open any door anywhere.

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