Pearl Harbor - Zero Hour Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Pearl Harbor - Zero Hour 
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 Pearl Harbor - Zero Hour Cheats

Pearl Harbor - Zero Hour

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

Unlock Extras:
In the mission selection screen, click on the little black shadow that
looks like a plane on the right part of the screen to unlock 3 special
planes and 1 special level.

Secret Planes:
Click on the very small plane dot a little more than half-way down on 
the right side of the Select Mission Screen.This will get you all secret
planes...including the Raptor,Flying Saucer...and so on. Enjoy!

Extra Points:
On mission 6 go near the top of B3 and you will see an island. Destroy 
the tree on the island and it will say enemy Bill Mooney's favorite 
tree destroyed +500 points!

On the 3rd level you should be at the same altitude as the Japanese 
Airplanes. How you can tell if your the same altitude is the arrow's!
if the arrows are green your on the same altitude as the planes! if 
the arrows are red and are pointing down go up until the arrows are 
green. If the arrow's are red and going up go down until the arrows 
are green.

Hidden bonuses:
Click on the airplane shadow on the right side of the mission selection
screen to unlock another level and three additional airplanes including
the Raptor and UFO. 
Note: The airplane shadow does not appear until level 10 is completed. 
In almost all levels are special individual standing palm trees. Shoot 
those trees down to get 500 skill level points. 
A message stating "Enemy 's Favorite Tree, +500" will appear. 
Note: Most levels have more than one of the those special individually
standing palm trees. 

UFO attack:
Use the UFO to crash into some U.S. buildings. They will become distorted
and you get points as if you were the enemy. 

Unlockable: Three Planes and Bonus Mission: 
After you complete level ten, go to the mission select screen, look to 
the right of the screen, and there will be a tiny airplane. Click on it
and there will be a sound to confirm the code. Now you have access to 
three new aircraft, including the U.F.O., the F-22 Raptor, and the Kikka,
a Japenese plane. You will also be able to unlock mission 11, a bonus 
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