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  Hints and Tips for: Pet Society 
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 Pet Society Cheats

Pet Society

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Food cheat paw ponits high:
Go to the food shop buy any type of food for 5 coins buy like55 i say then
go to the cafe feed another people's pet you get 17 paw ponts when you do 
this trick has already been tested it worked.

Hint Easy coins:
1. Buy mystery boxes (cheap,regular,expensive...).
2. Open it (put it in your home and let your pet open it).
3. Get item (depends on what kind of box you got).
4. Sell it (sometimes it doesnt cost more than the price of the mystery box
   but alote of times your lucky and get it theres a 40% chance you dont get
   a good item 45% chance. Youll get x2 or x3 of how much you bought it for 
   and a 25% chance youll get x5 and up)
5. Repeat until you have alote of money then buy plants.
6. Wait for plants to grow in your garden and sell the grown item (youll get
   around 50+ profit depending on the size and plant).

Feed your pet:
You know you don't even have to go through the hassle of feeding other pets
in the cafe, when you buy a lot of one kind of food even if you only buy one
piece. Your pet usually will say they want it when their hungry so not only 
will you be raising you health level and your not just buying something to 
waste it on other pets, you can feed your own pet. And + you get one more 
point feeding your own pet than feeding the ones from the cafe.

Food And Paw Points:
First you have to buy lots of food worth 5 coins or less, then you feed your
Friends (also you can feed yourself, cafe pets) who are hungry till they are
full which everytime you feed them you earn 17 paw points. Lets say i bought
99 apples worth 5 coins and then fed all 99 apples to my friends who are 
hungry i would gain 1683 paw points and spent 495 coins. Its worth a small
price to pay. before you know it you will have 100,000 paw points in a 
short while.

How to hack level up higher:
Submitted by: art vincent

levelup    - your pet will have a higher level
shirtless  - can buy all clothes and fast level up
hungry     - can buy all foods and fast level up
winner     - win a race anytime and fast level up
fishing    - can catch awesome fishes and fast level up

Use the soap to scrub your pet clean then visit some other friends and scrub
them till they are clean then go to the cafe to look for other pats to clean.
save your game and refresh the page then scrub again. keep repeating this 
till you are rich!

Extra pocket money:
I you need some extra money here is what you do: go to the CAFE and click on 
a dirty pet with lost of flies. Then clean him by hand.

Gaing paw points:
Submitted by: Rinish

Recently all players are sending free yellow boxes to each other by visiting pets. 
Well instead of opening your mystery boxes save them & send it to other friends as 
"Gifts"....u will get 18 paw points for each box u send. Then if your heart desires 
then open few boxes yourselves & u will get toasters, sofas, etc etc (cheap stuff in 
those yellow boxes). Depending on what they are - u will get diff amount of paw points 
depeing on the items u send to your friends as gifts. The pint strawberry toaster gains 
u 42 points if sent as a gift. Also when people send you free shovels - go to the forest 
& dig - u will usually get a few time capsules, candles, plushies & old sofas etc. 
I used to sell them but now I just go to a friends house (who doesn't play pet society 
anymore) open my storage box & put all my unwanted stuff in her house (time capsules etc). 
As u put it in their house...the gift thing will open so u cab give it to themas gifts, 
This will gain u heaps of paw points to go one level higher in no time. Just dump all 
your unwanted stuff in some ones house who doesn't play ps anymore so they won't even 
mind getting old gifts :-)

The Goody Old-Fashioned Tip:
1.You can cook food and earn paw points+coins.
2.Grow veggies, fruits and flowers and earn coins+paw points.
3.Usually Pet Society forgets to change the selling price of todays special and which 
  you can earn coins by selling the object eg.(last year Pet Society made the Pink 
  Strawberry Chef Bundle for 3 coins for the daily special, when you sell it, it sells
  for 333 so you gain 330 coins and earn paw points).
4.Visit your friends, clean them etc.
5.Make an fake account(another account) and just keep sending Regal Carriage's to each 
  other. It's better to use 2 comps or laptops.
6.Eat cheap food(BBQ mushroom and apple) and gain 5 paw points.
7.Use your fake account to send stuff to yourself eg. plants, seeds.
8.You can also collect freebies, check your email every week, you usually get around 
  2000 coins.
9.When you visit your friend you can give your friend a mystery box if they accept
  and you get free 500 coins and lastly 10. If you don't play Pet Society anymore 
  and it's been 6 months, you might receive this message in your email saying: 
  'Come back! Your pet misses you, get 10,000 coins to spend it store'! 
  Now that's thrilling.

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