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  Hints and Tips for: Phantasy Star Online 
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 Phantasy Star Online Cheats

Phantasy Star Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game in offline mode to unlock the hard 
difficulty setting. 

Character movements:
Hold [Alt] and press [F1] through [F12] to make your character perform 
various movements. 

Very hard mode:
Successfully complete the game in offline mode two times to unlock
the very hard difficulty setting. 

Turn off pop-up info palette:
Use this trick to turn off the big palette that appears every time
you encounter a monster. Hold [Space] during game play. A green 
cursor will appear in the lower-left side of the screen. This does 
several things. Whenever you encounter a monster, the lower-left 
side of the screen will always be clear, This also frees up more of 
the screen so you can see more monsters appearing from other 
directions. Release [Space] when you want to chat. This is useful 
when playing as short characters.

Section ID calculator:
First, write out the desired name (for example, "Karana"). Classes do 
not matter. The name will not change from HUmar to RAcaseal. Count the
number of symbols in the name (numbers, letters, and signs) and note if
it is even or odd (for example, Karana is even). Next, find all the 
letters in the following chart and change them to numbers. 

For example, Karana = 029252 which equals 20. 
   0| A K U i s 7 # } _ -
   1| B L V j t 8 . $ ~
   2| C M W a k u 9 % /
   3| D N X b l v 0 & :
   4| E O Y c m w 1 ' ;
   5| F P Z d n x 2 ( <
   6| G Q e o y 3 ) [ =
   7| H R f p z 4 ! ? > * (spaces count as 7 also)
   8| I S g q 5 { ] +
   9| J T h r 6 " @ , ^ |

After you have a number, if it was even, add 5 to the total. 
For example, Karana was even, so the total is now 25. Next, cross off the
first digit on your total. The second digit corresponds to the Section ID

For example, Karana is 5, so Karana gets VIRIDIA.

2 = ORAN 
7 = SKYLY 

Avoiding Phantasy Pirates:
* Phantasy Pirates are thieves. They steal your money and weapon when you
  die.Then run away or deny they stole it. To prevent getting caught in this
  position, leave your money in the bank and do not play with someone who is
  suspicious, acts very strangely, or exhibits stealing behavior. If you 
  think you will die, equip a weapon that is not very valuable to you. 

* When you first join a team, ask everyone for their guild card. Thieves do 
  not give away their guild card, because guild cards are a symbol of trust. 
  If someone is constantly asks questions such as "What is your hobby?" or 
  "Where do you live?" and there are items around, either pick up the items,
  then answer, or do not answer at all. If the person is acting suspicious 
  and wants to trade with you, do not drop your money or item first -- or 
  drop only one Meseta or a Saber +1 until you can see that their item is 
  really the item they said it was. 

* If a thief keeps stealing people's items, get a lot of monsters after you.
  Then, run over to the thief and make them chase the pirate. Try to get at 
  least ten monsters and make sure no one helps. Also make sure no one heals
  the pirate. 

Entering the Ruins area:
After defeating the Boss of the Mines, you will arrive in an underground cave
with a blocked door with three symbols on it. These symbols correspond to the
three giant pillars found throughout the previous levels. You must go back 
through the Forest, Caves, and Mines to activate the pillars. Each pillar is
located in the second area of each zone. Once all of the pillars are active, 
go through the Mines again, defeat the Boss, and then walk through the newly 
opened door. 

Easier Boss battles:
If you are having trouble with Bosses and want to avoid going through the enter
level again after dying, use this trick. Use a Telepipe or the Ryuker technique
at the entrance to the Boss. If you die, then you can just go over to the bank 
and find the teleport that you made. Go through it, and you will get back to 
the Boss. 

Easy experience:
Start a new game and go to the place where they give you the hunter job. Select
the third choice (named battle training). In this job, you get a partner that 
is very strong. To get easy experience just hit all the monsters once and have 
him kill them with one slice. You still get 4 experience points. Before you 
finish the job, leave the forest, go back to the guide place, and cancel your 
job. Then, restart it and all the monsters and items will be back making it easy
to get experience points, money, and items. 

Easy experience:
The Rap Rappy birds in the Forest 1 and 2 can be shot once for experience. After
a short time they will wake up and try to run. Shoot them again and they will 
drop an item. 

Easy experience:
When in the forest level, if you are fighting against a Monest do not kill the 
nest. Instead, kill all the flies first. When the nest is empty use a Telepipe/
Ryuker. When you return to the forest you will see that the nest is full again.
This works best in hard or v. hard modes. 

Easy experience:
In "Forest Of Sorrow" mission, go to forest level 2. Move to the southeastern-most
room (off the long room that is north to south, has two smaller rooms and one 
larger room to the east, the island in the center of the map to the west and the
weather computer to the north) to find three large Hideabears. In the cubbyhole 
to the south-west is one small Hideabear. Every time you talk to the small Hideabear,
three more large Hideabears appear in the room. Be careful, as you can get over six 
large Hideabears in there. Each is good for about 10 XP. 

Easy experience:
Find a Pan Arms, then equip a weapon that steals experience. Hit them when they 
are together. You will do no damage, so you can continue to do this for as long 
as needed. You get about 60 XP a minute under the normal difficulty setting. 

Easy experience:
In the Ruins Two level, you will find an enemy named "Dark Gunner." These enemies
fly around in an invincible state. You cannot hurt them until they land and fire 
beams at you. There is a trick to gaining unlimited experience points from them. 
First, you will need to obtain a weapon with a special attack that can steal the 
enemies experience points (for example, the Double Saber). While the Dark Gunner 
flies around, invincible, use the extra attack feature to unleash a flurry of 
chain attacks. Every successful hit will score extra experience points. 
Make sure that you do not attack the Dark Gunner while he is unprotected.

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