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 Pico's School Cheats

Pico's School


Kill Innocent Person in the Bathroom:
The Boy's Bathroom has a use! Go in, and open the near stall. Someone
from inside will say something. If you choose, shoot him!

Flood the Bathroom:
Use the Fire Extinguisher in the Boy's Bathroom to cause the sink to

Overkill for Alucard:
After you defeat Alucard, shoot all the desks he's protecting himself
with. Then shoot the unprotected telekenetic wuss.

Police battle - COP SHOOT-EM-UP:
This is the coolest secret of all. While you're in the final battle with
Casandra, you might notice the bomb in the back. Shoot the fuse during 
the fight. This will cause the wall to get destroyed. Two police cars will
come by. You have three options to have fun with these:

-Shoot each cop.
-Shoot the car's back tires.
-Shoot the front of the car to make it go BOOM.

Submitted by: Elliot Page

After killing cyclops (the one with the purple spikey hair), shoot him again
and a message will appear above his head saying "BRUTAL!".

Alternate ending:
Submitted by: andrew

Before you go to kill casandra, put on the infrared goggles, once you kill
casandra the ending will be in infrared.

Meet Cyclops again:
Submitted by: mystery

If you told Cyclops to run to his mommy,you can see him again.Just leave the
hallway and come back to it.there will be nothing there, but once you shoot 
picos gun again, he will appear.

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