Pilot Down - Behind Enemy Lines Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Pilot Down - Behind Enemy Lines 
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 Pilot Down - Behind Enemy Lines Cheats

Pilot Down - Behind Enemy Lines

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: kingsky

Start the game with one or more of the following command line parameters 
to activate the cheat function. 

Result                                                  Code 
Enemies ignore you                                     -noperception
Enemies will be invincible                             -invunerableai
Free and unlimited reloads; do not pick up found clips -infiniteammo
Full screen graphics mode                              -fullscreen
God mode                                               -nodamage
Invert Y axis for aiming and looking                   -invertcrosshair
Low resolution graphics                                -lowres
No enemy soldiers                                      -nosoldiers
Remove all AI characters                               -noai
Set current health                                     -health:[number]
Set Endurance skill Level                              -enduranceskill:[1-4]
Set First Aid skill Level                              -firstaidskill:[1-4]
Set Fitness skill level                                -fitnessskill:[1-4]
Set high detailed graphics                             -detail:high
Set indicated screen resolution                        -res:[horizontal, vertical]
Set low detailed graphics                              -detail:low
Set Machine Gun skill Level                            -machinegunskill:[1-4]
Set medium detailed graphics                           -detail:medium
Set Pistol skill Level                                 -pistolskill:[1-4]
Set Rifle skill Level                                  -rifleskill:[1-4]
Set Sneak skill Level                                  -sneakskill:[1-4]
Set Stealth Kill skill Level                           -stealthkillskill:[1-4]
Set Strength skill Level                               -strengthskill:[1-4]
Skip introduction comic before missions                -skipcomic
Software sound mode                                    -soundsw
Software-based vertex processing                       -swvp
Stop game from loading                                 -skipgui
16bit graphics mode                                    -16bit
Change text to Spanish, French, Italian, or German     -language:[language name]
Cycle through levels                                   -loadalllevels
Disable graphical user interface and HUD               -nogui
Disable in-game music                                  -nomusic
Toggle mouse look                                      -mouselook20,30
Windowed graphics mode                                 -windowed

Submitted by: kingsky

While playing, press [F11] then the game will be your by getting a menu, 
this will help you to make your player damage less, cold protective etc...

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