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  Hints and Tips for: Pirates of the Caribbean Online 
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 Pirates of the Caribbean Online Cheats

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Easy Kills:
Submitted by: RM

If you need help getting your level up then go to port royal, then go to Fort
Charles and go to the hanging station. There should be a grunt from level 14-18
attack him and we won't attack back! But dont go off the platfrom or he will 
start to attack you and get veterans to help him! Happy Plundering.

Easy grenade experience:
Go to Misty Mire in Tortuga, and attack the giant crabs, big alligators, and 
huge alligators using only grenades. They will not attack back.

Invincible Glitch!:
Submitted by: Tim

You have to be at Kingshead for this one. Run past all of the soldiers all the
way up the castle to the highest casle until you reach a door. Right beside the
door is a drop off, immediately turn around and there is an archway. Enter 
through, turn right, and enter the first small room with an Assassin. 
Hit him first and let him nearly kill you. Cool thing won't die. As 
long as you don't put your weapon away you will be glitched and can't die.
You have to stay on that island and cannot use voodoo or gun. 
ONLY CUTLASS AND DAGGER!. I hope this was clear enough. If done right, it 
works every time.

Go 2 tortugan boat place go 2 the wall keep running ur in.

Work at the bar:
In tortuga bar (faithel bride) go up 2 carver go all the way 2 the right keep 
running at the boared (may take a minaute) ur in there.

Submitted by: paul

Grapple a flagship but dont board just sail off and no ships will shoot at you. 
You can then sail around and sink ships at ease. But if you go to port you have 
to do this again.

Submitted by: Ashton

U have to have a regular old sloop to do this. First get the sloop not a war sloop
and not a light sloop. Then get on it but do not set sail. Go the the farthest west
cannon and run at it on an angle. Then u can walk on water. U can board a ship that
is still and drive. have fun with this one.

Easy experience I:
Go to Port Royal. Go to Fort Charles then go to the hanging station. Attack the 
level 14 to 18 grunt and we will not retaliate, as long as you are on the platform.
If you step off the platform, he will start to attack and get veterans to help.

Easy experience II:
Go to a house or building where there are guards. After killing the person, stand 
in a corner off to the side and wait for them to respawn. When they respawn and if 
they do not attack immediately, you can remain still, heal yourself, and voodoo.
Out in the open with multiple enemies, find a location with enemies at a level you 
are comfortable fighting against. Continue killing them as they respawn to get 
experience and items from that type of character. 
Note: This does not work very well on water.

Skill points:
For free trial players, you can only get two upgrades per ability unlocked. For 
subscribers, each weapon can only get a total of 25 skill points. Use them wisely.
Weapons/abilities/definitions/attack points will be posted as the research for it 
is complete.

Finding items easily:
Use the following trick when on a quest to find an item, either in a crate or as 
buried treasure. For buried treasure, find a safe spot to dig treasure. After 
digging, stay in the same location and the treasure will respawn. Continue doing
this until you get a message stating "Nothing of interest found". At this point,
you can no longer dig. For crates, do the same thing, but you may have to go back
and forth between two crates for it to work.

Swim through Cuba:
If you swim around Cuba staying against the shore, about 3/4 of the way around you
slip into the island. from ther you can cut across to anywhere on the island.

Submitted by: Rodolfo

The undead pvp glitch is fixed but here is a way to still do it and have fun with
this is how to do it first do a pvp then inside pvp when there is like a minute 
left then do crew battle and wait till you get teleported to another pvp then press
exit match then if you ask some body if your lv is red and they say yes you did the

Submitted by: Jasmine

This is a cheat for basic ppl only who have BEEN a member before so u know the skills
on the cutlass, pistol, voodoodoll,etc, they have speacil attacks like on the cutlass.


You know u want to do them, but u have to be unlimited. so u know brawl is number 2,
and spin attack is number 1, taunt #3, etc. well press number 2 on your keyboard. U 
WILL DO THAT ATTACK! i do it all the time. have fun. My name is jasmine and im always
hanging with my bf or something. my guild is rock n rockstars. contact me for eny 
comments or questions at:

Hint - Better formatted thought bubbles:
Submitted by: Paul

When you are writing something, put a period (.) before the Text and the thought 
bubble will stay up longer and it will look better.

Invincibility Glitch:
Submitted by: tgideerseason

When your in a jail cell, don't kick out just run at the part of the door where the 
lock is and keep hitting f9(while running). It may take a lot of tries, but if you go 
through your invincible until you log out. The downside is you can't tp and you can 
still die on your ship. Also, you don't have unlimited voodoo either. My name is 
tgideerseason and I am the gm of the guild Rebellious Bandits. If you see me say 
something about this post and join my guild if you like. Hope this helps!

Another invincible cheat:
Submitted by: Little JJ

First go to Kingshead. stand at the door and only get 1 or 2 guys attention. right 
before u die at about the same time leave the door. sometimes it might not work but 
it has to be exact( well about) p.s. my pirates name is Sharp Eye if u need any help 
just come see me and i'll be happy to help.

Glitch - Never sink:
Submitted by: captain jose

This isnt really a cheat its more like a glitch. First go to either isle de avercia 
or isle de ponce. First sink one ship. Then get your ship sunk. Then attack another
ship and let it follow u until u reach a either kingshead or padres del fuego. Then
as soon as u do that make the enemy ship attack u until u have half health on your
ship then attack with left braodside then get your ship sunk. Then your ship will
respone and then land. Go to padres del fuego and try to sail your ship. U r glitched. 
Your ship ill end up in the last island u were at and no matter how many times your 
ship gets hit, it will always stay on half ship health and never sink. The only way 
to get out of that ship is if u log off then og on then go on your ship and log off 
agin and then log on. You may think this isnt true but try it. It will work 75 percent
of the time. -happy plundering- p.s. u have to do a french or spanish quest for the 
glitch to work.

Glitch at kingshead:
Submitted by: Jon

Go to kingshead then go down the stairs to your left when you are at the bottom take a 
right then go into the corner and start running towards the island. it may take a while 
but you will end up going threw the wall. when you go threw the wall it will look like 
you are running under the island keep going strait and you will end up in the fort - 
notice there are no enemies in sight - now you can explore kingshead all you want without 
dieing. my pirate name is john and my other is dog warsilver john guild is bros of the 
fallen and dog warsilvers guild is bloody knights if you see either one just tell me if 
you need help.

First get at least 100 gold pieces. Now, member or not, your a pirate right? So what you
do is you cheat on Blackjack, and how you do it, is...... alright heres directions:

1. Go to Padres del Fuego.
2. Go to Ratskellar (a bar thing).
3. Sit down to play Blackjack.
4. Press Swap cards.
5. Press the details to the top card of the dealer (PS: You wont always be able to swap
   the dealers card, but when you do).
6. A small window will pop up saying "blah bitty blah blah, you have been caught cheating,
   you have been fined 100 gold pieces." DO NOT PRESS OK!
7. RUN LIKE THE WIND OUT THE DOOR AND OFF THE STEPS and when your off the steps, press ok.
   (Remember it may take some tries, just avoid the tables, and run out the door.
8. Happy, happy. Your invincible. If you have a low level, go left from where the jail is 
   into the cave. There are a bunch of high lvls there.

Submitted by: daniel

Go on your ship go against a ship dont fight back right before it sinks teleport off it
you will be invincible but you cant teleport.

How to kill a hired gun fast when you have unlimited access:
Submitted by: bob lee

To kill a hired-gun fast is use a dagger then use viper's nest[if you have one but if you
dont use a venom dagger] then use you're cutlass attack blade storm. You have to have a 
high level cutlass to do this. if you kill a hired gun fast then you did it.

Get to the back side of Padres Del Fuego quickly without getting killed:
Submitted by: Robert Calicomorris

To get to the other side of Padres Del Fuego quickly without getting killed, go to Padres
Del Fuego, go in front of the Navy castle, on the end of the bridge , try going to the left
side, when you get in, you will see a wall on the left, follow that and then go through it,
you will see a beach, get on the beach and then up the hill or to the left. You are now in 
the town on the back side of Padres Del Fuego.

Go underground in cuba:
Submitted by: CebuLips9

Go to cuba. walk over to the grass on the right. walk into where the grass has a sharp turn. 
you should see sand and two stick huts. keep walking forward and you should go through the 
wall. now you should be on the other side of it. walk over to where you see a building 
floating high above your head. walk back through the wall from there. you are now underground.
But if your head gets too close to the sand, you'll come back up.

Submitted by: david boomsma

Go to any bar you see the litle room with boxes and stuff walk in the conner of the wall by
the litle conter ok it my work if you try a lot well if you get throw the conter turn fast 
then you will be in there ok you can stay there or jump back on the litle room and you will
be in a glich it will let you see all of the bar you may walk thtow the clear wall to get 
behind the big conter or just make a joke out of it.

How to complete the Black Pearl:
1.Gather a full crew. Make sure they stay about lvl 25 and up. Try to get a man who has take 
  cover. It is best to have a crew of 12 (including you).
2.Entering the Black Pearl. You could skip or watch the cutscene. When you are on the actual 
  Black Pearl, you will have to face officers (lvl 28 and up). It is best for someone to use 
  their staff if they have one.
3.After the officers, have your "take cover man" take the wheel. Then, Light Frigates will 
  appear. Don't waste your best ammunition but at the same time kill'em quick. 
4.Allow your steering man to go. He should allow enough space to shoot the towers guarding 
  the drawbridges. Once you did that go as fast as possible and shoot the last drawbridges 
5.If you actually made it here then your in luck. After the drawbridges, have everyone head 
  Try to hit him long enough so that your steering man can drive away fast. When you escape.
  (drama music) CONGRATULATIONS!

If you had to do it for the quest at the end, head back to Jack Sparrow in Faithful Bride in 
Tortuga. He will give you 2000 Notoriety points, and you get the special sailing skill 

Submitted by: olivia

the glitch is in port royal and... its across the sord shop go to the right a bit and go to
the closest tree and walk 3 steps forward turn to the right and keep walking to the brown 
brick wall and you will be in a glitch then turn your pirate to the right side and go into 
the house building then turn to the left and you will see an orange, red brick wall go into
the corner of it and then walk a bit more and jump on the slide stair way thing then... 
turn to the right and you will be on top of one of the bars.

Special cave in Padres:
Submitted by: Jeremiah

(It helps if u are a high-level Pirate). When you are in Padres del Fuego, find a cave (a 
white triangle on ur compass) and when u find one called "Beckett's Quarry", you are on your
way go through that place until u find the exit out of it... u should be in El Suduron go 
through that, and u found yourself on the other side of padres- but be careful! once u get 
in, there is a sergeant battling a brigand, an officer battling a raider, the infamous Undead 
Timothy Dartan (gypsy boss) and a dread scorpion practically in ur face as u enter. if this 
does not make much  sense, or u have questions or comments, u can contact me at

Pirates Online poker glitch:
Submitted by: Randy

Ok, go to any bar on any island, go up to a poker table. take out your cutlass and do the 
"sweep" attack, but right in the middle of it, press shift. you will be playing poker, but 
you can move freely around the bar. and if you need any help my characters name is Hattrik 
so just come find me im usually on the server antassa. have fun!

Submitted by: masen schneider

Go to port royal beach the one with out the dock and go around the corner and go up thos 
stairs go to the tight corner and turn your body side ways and walk side ways in to the 
corner and if u have any questions come see me my pirates name is jouhnny burneagle and 
ill be happy to help.

More accurate description of the walk through Cuba:
Submitted by: Alika

I have a more accurate description of the walk through Cuba. Instead of going 3/4 around 
the Island. Go 1/4. When you teleport to Cuba. Go towards the entrances for Tia Dalma. But
don't go in, go right, follow the island around in the water and you can slip back there.

Play blackjack or poker and move around the place:
Submitted by: Allan Scott

Go up to a table(blackjack or poker) and bring out your sword and use sweep and before it 
ends join table. ur in glitch. have fun playing poker or blackjack and running. if u go out
it ends.(p.s.If u wanna sit as u play and keep sitting then when its ur turn do something 
like check and then press and hold the up arrow have fun sitting and playing. For any 
questions email me at

Behind King's Arm:
Go to the barrel by the dockworker in the water. Go as close as you can to the barrel
without going on the dock. Press R (auto run) and shift at the sametime.(May not work at
the first time.) Go to the right wall that leads you to Bonita's Tattoo Parlor. Stop 
right there. Go into the wall. Then you're behind King's Arm! (You can press shift by 
the door to go in King's Arm Too!)

Submitted by: James

Go to the bar (ratskellar) in padres del fuego and once u walk in u will see a tiny little 
bar with barrels and if u keep jumping into it u will eventually get inside Hope u have fun 
with ur glitch.

In the Background of Tortuga:
Submitted by: Supa Sponge's Wife

If you have acess to teliport to tortuga, run into port royal by fort charles, press shift 
at the door to enter while having map open. click go to tortuga, and your in the background 
and can swim under the island. it also is a way you can cheat your character to float above 
the ground. you fall into the water through the ground and then exit the game. when you log 
on your flying through port royal. (idk why port royal xD)

Submitted by: Mason

First you have to go to your map that says at the bottom "Return To (island name). 
Click that and you will teleport anywere on the island. This is why it is a glitch. 
sometimes you will end up somewere that you can come out of but cannot come in. 
One time I did this and I ended up in these leaves. I could get out but not back in.

Going underground tortuga:
Submitted by: shaunryan

go to tortuga and go to were the dock is go in the water and go to a barrel by the guy who 
lets you be a stowaway the push R and shift keep doing it it might take alot of tries but 
when you get under the dock dont go back in the water go to the shore then your undergroun 
my pirates names are sven sail breaker jeoffrey dampfoote shaunryanpirate and shaunryanpirates 
son if you see any of them tell me if your haveing trouble with the glitch ill show you and 
tell you how to do it if your having trouble and i might even tell you another glicth if 
i remeber one.

Easy lv up!!!:
Submitted by: Thomas Swordhawk

To do this easy lv up you must be at about 35 and up. 

Go to Padres del Fuego and go to the Gypsy closet to the Padres Del Fuego Jail. go up to the 
Gypsy turnleft and you'll see another person turn right and walk into the cave. You will arive 
in Beckett's Quarry go forward and there will be some Grunts turn right and walk on the rock 
bridge then you'll come to a circle with veterans, Grunts, and the Boss Samuel. go to samuel 
then go to through the path with 2 grunts walk down til you get to a room with veteran turn 
right and walk on another rock bridge and you'll come to another room with more veterans turn 
left and keep walking until you see another door go through it. Now you'll turn out in El Sordorun. 
Walk forward until you hit dreadtooth wwalk to the north west and there will be two pathways a 
pathway with Undead and one with Navy and EITC (I'd rather go to the Navy and EITC pathway they 
dont fight you) choose a way and go forward til there is a nother door go through it and you'll 
be back in Padres Del Fuego. Ther will be a boss called the Undead Timmothy something he is lv 
23-30 and uses the VooDoo Doll You can fight that boss or there is another that drops alot of 
money turn left and there will be a few houses turn rightand youll see a undead gypsy, 
executioner or a rader you will see a gravedigger. Go up to the Gravedigger and turn left there 
will be a pathway go through it and there will be a boss called, General Darkhart he drops a 
whole lot of loot and uses the sword and Dagger. If i were you id round up a crew depending on 
your lv and battle him he is lv 28-35 Good Luck if you need anymore help my Pirate is Thomas 
Swordhawk im on everyday so just come find me ill be in lv 40 and guild name T E R R O R.

War Galloon glitch:
Submitted by: The gamer

Ok here is wat u do go on a war galloon make sure it is a WAR GALLOON. then go to the top 
platform there should be a cannon on the top left and top right. head to either one and go to 
the corner where the cannon square meets the bridge then just keep running and u should be able 
to walk outside of the galloon and be able to walk INSIDE. If u need help with this come ask me 
4 help my name is Robert Dreadshot and i should be able to help u. If u cant find me find my 
friend Jhonny Shipwreck he knows the glitch too and we are both in the Revolutionary Pirate guild.

Be the Bartender:
Submitted by: Jason Hawkbone

OK, im sure you've seen a pirate behind the counter at a bar before. It is a easy thing to do as 
long as you know how to do it. I've only done this at the bar by the beach at Tortuga so i don't 
know if it works anywhere else. First, enter the bar and run up to the right corner of the counter. 
Continue running without stopping. Then simply take out your cutlass and press Esc.(top left corner 
on keyboard). If you are not inside the counter keep doing this until it happens. (you may sometimes 
need to exit the bar and come back in and retry). Hope you enjoy this hint!!!!!:)

Padres Del Fuego Glitch:
Submitted by: Jason Hawkbone

Ok, so. Are you tired of having to go all the way around Padres Del Fuego just to get to General 
Darkhart. Here is a glitch that gets you there very fast! First, go into the town area of Padres. 
Then go all the way up the stairs to the top level. Now, hold down the right arrow key until you 
see the left side of the staircase.( it is a wall). Run up into the wall and get out your cutlass. 
Then press Esc (top left corner on keyboard). Repeat doing that until you get into this weird huge 
room, go toward the lava kind of on the right and run right into that. Then you will be on the other 
side of Padres where Darkhart is!!! Hope you enjoy this Glitch.

How to train!:
Submitted by: Random Psyker

Hello guys! To train your pirate you must have time and a mind to get mastered!
Right, when you begin complete the tutorial until you get your pistol from Barbossa on Devil's 
Anvil. Now go to Fort Charles, in front of the gate are some low level cadets, you can attack them 
until you are level 3-5 cutlass. You can't train pistol on humans. Go into Fort Charles and run up 
the stairs past the platform. There are some higher level guys up there. The great thing here is 
that they give great xp and there are almost always people there to help you. Some train here until 
they are mastered in a skill like cutlass,I don't recommend it.
Now you have a higher level cutlass go to The Misty Mire. THis place has low-high level monsters. 
Feel free to use your cutlass or pistol on them. It is recommended that you train pistol a bit and 
then cutlass a bit etc...
When you can unlock the vodoo doll...go ahead!
Back to Misty Mire and train here again. Once more voodoo doll, then pistol thec cutlass.
The rest of this guide is for Unlimited access, as they can train skills to max!
Level 10 Notoriety-Unlock Dagger
Level 20 Notoriety-Unlock Grenades
Level 30 Notoriety-Unlock Voodoo Staff

When you are a low level in a weapon train in either Fort Charles or in The Misty Mire.
When you get higher(and I recommend being lvl 20 in each weapon skill) then you can go to 
THe Thrall Room or The Legendary...Gold Room.
THis place is great, and also crew up and get a healer.Healers help alot!
I mastered my cutlass, daggers, grenades and voodoo doll here each in about 2-4 hours. The 
rest I mastered on Padres Del Feugo at General Darkhart, he is a servant of Jolly Roger, 
is strong and gives great reputation and loot. There are also almost always people here, 
try to crew up with them,if there are no people here, bring your own crew.
Have fun! Good luck getting mastered!

Catacombs Strategy Guide:
Submitted by: Bartholomew Dockbreaker

Okay I am going to tell you some hints, glitches and strategies in the catacombs. 

Lava Pit Glitch:
Okay first I'll tell you about the lava glitch. There is a small lava pit on the west side 
of the map. There is a undead boss that throws knives named "Bonerattler," if you go near him, 
there is a small lava pit that you pass turning into his den if you will. If you go past the 
lava pit, and turn right before the gateway into the next path, what you do is run at an angle 
into the corner of the rock, you will go behind the wall then you walk into the middle of the 
lava pit and you did the glitch.

Grenade Training & Speed throwing:
Okay so here are some things on how you can train your grenades. What you do is the lava pit 
glitch. Go into the middle of the pit, throw a Stink Pot grenade into the den of the Bonerattler. 
try and get as many of the Undead Raiders around the edge of the pit.

Okay so to do the speed throw glitch, its pretty simple. First take your mouse (works best with 
actual mouse, not a track pad) take the mouse and angle it down a little at the enemies. 
At the same time take you for fingers (not your thumb) and place them on the numbers "1,2,3,and 4" 
and press them in order or what ever order you want, and press either CTRL or the mouse button 
to throw the grenades. This will make you throw them with out waiting the 3-4 seconds to reload.
Hope these helped!

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