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 Planet Strike Cheats

Planet Strike

Debug Mode:
Debug Mode Command Line Parameters:

POWERBALL  - Enables debug keys. This also requires that you hold down the 
             left and right shift keys during the JAM Logo intro. Don't hold
             them down until the white letters start to appear. Once the PC-13
             screen is loaded, you can let go. You will hear a "ching" sound 
             during the intro when debug mode has been successfully enabled. 
             The "ching" sound will only happen if you have a sound card. If 
             you have a PC speaker, you won't hear this. 
TICS       - Display TIC INFO in score area. 
MUSIC      - Enable music test mode: [backspace] [arrows] changes music. 
RADAR      - Displays a rotating overhead view during gameplay. Please note that
             this REALLY slows the game down, to the point of being unplayable.

These cheat keys can be use during gameplay only if you invoked the program with 
the "powerball" parameter:

[backspace] W - Warp to level ([shift] [W] loads the default map) 
[backspace] D - Player invisible (dumb objects) 
[backspace] G - God mode 
[backspace] I - Item cheat 
[backspace] M - Memory info 
[backspace] P - Pause screen 
[backspace] Q - Fast quit 
[backspace] A - Add Actors to Automap. 
[backspace] U - Unlock all floors 
[backspace] O - Show hidden walls on auto mapper 
[backspace] E - Quick Win Mission 
[backspace] B - Border color 
[backspace] C - Count objects 
[backspace] F - Facing spot 
[backspace] H - Hurt self (only if not in God mode) 
[backspace] S - Slow motion 
[backspace] V - Extra VBLs (Vertical Blanking Signal -- this will 
do nothing for most users) 
[backspace] [home] - Dec sky color (if ceiling textures are OFF) 
[backspace] [pgup] - Inc sky color (if ceiling textures are OFF) 
[backspace] [end] - Dec ground color (if ground textures are OFF) 
[backspace] [pgdn] - Inc ground color (if ground textures are OFF) 
[backspace] + - Add shading depth (if textures are OFF) 
[backspace] - - Dec shading depth (if textures are OFF) 
[backspace] ] - Inc shading drop off (if textures are OFF) 
[backspace] [ - Dec shading drop off (if textures are OFF) 
[shift] [tab] - Show full Automap containing all live actors. 
These cheat keys can be used during gameplay: 
[6] [7] - Collect all bonus items (gold, ammo, health, etc). 
[7] [8] - Kill all actors. 
[6] [8] - Collect all bonus items and kill all actors.

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