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  Hints and Tips for: Pocket Tanks Deluxe 
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 Pocket Tanks Deluxe Cheats

Pocket Tanks Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Draf

Ok one weapon that will hit for 2-3k (2000-3000 yes its true)is spinner
if u can get right next to ur opponent and fire it right next to them 
at their "feet" u will instantly get 3000 points no joke.

IP-to-IP internet game option in LAN Game mode:
After first booting v1.3 of the game, quit. The game will have created 
a new folder in your "Documents" folder called "My Games". 
In "\My Games\Pocket Tanks Deluxe" there should be a file called "pt.cfg".
Use a text processor and change the "booleen networkIPSupport" value from 
"0" to "1". Save the file, start the game again, and you have the option 
to enter the IP address of an available opponent online. If you encounter
problems with this method, faking a LAN with software like "LogMeIn Hamachi"
should do the trick. Just use the IP your virtual LAN software gives you 
instead of your own.

Mud Pie:
Submitted by: Dagger Dragon

Alright, if you are reading this you have to know about the weapon mud pie. 
Mud pie is a weapon that launches several thigies into the air from where it 
lands and can efectively cover you up and force you to lose points. 
Perfect for the final volley.

Hit & Bury Strategy:
Submitted by: Sergio Thomas

1) Hit your enemy with any item that does damage, preferably the 3 Shot, 5 Shot,
   10 Shot, or Big Shot, until you have more points then your enemy.
2) Now, try to bury them alive. You should have at least 1 Mud Pie related item 
   more than the enemy has Digger related items. After they run out of Digger 
   related items, just keep going until you have no Mud Pie related items. 
   If you do not get the enemy out yourself, your point status vs. theirs will 
   insure that you will win the game.

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