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  Hints and Tips for: Poco 2 Escape 
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 Poco 2 Escape Cheats

Poco 2 Escape

1. Open the top left hand drawer of the TV unit to get a grain of corn
2. Open the top right hand drawer to get a teddy bearís leg
3. Open the bottom right hand drawer to get a number 6
4. Move right. Lift up both cushions on the sofa to get another grain of 
   corn and a teddy bearís leg
5. Click the calendar on the wall and study the circled and stared dates 
   and also the colours
6. Zoom out and click the bin to get another grain of corn
7. Lift the bin and get a blue screwdriver
8. Click down by the side of the sofa by the wall and use the screwdriver 
   to open the panel
9. Collect the badge of the fox and yet another grain of corn
10. Move right twice
11. Click by the side of the dollís house and collect the stick. Take a 
    note of the clues on the side of the house
12. Move right. Click behind the TV and use the stick to collect the 5th 
    grain of corn
13. Look under the TV unit and use the stick to collect the badge of the 
14. Zoom in on the TV and use the screwdriver to open the control panel. 
    Click through the channels and note the animals and the channel numbers.
    Also note whether the animal is in a winter or summer scene
15. Move left and click up on the picture on the wall
16. Place the 5 grains of corn into the missing spaces on the picture
17. When the picture has changed to the pop-corn collect the red key
18. Zoom out and collect the dog badge which has fallen down
19. Move left and zoom in on the rows of little boxes
20. Now, as per the circled dates on the calendar and the channels on the TV,
    place the badges of the animals into the corresponding boxes. Then open 
    the box marked with a star on the calendar. Do this for both the red and 
    blue numbers. 21. You should end up with a number 8 badge and a yellow key
22. Zoom out and open the cabinet on the wall with the red key
23. Place the number 8 badge into the first Russian doll
24. Collect the teddyís eye from underneath the second doll
25. Place the number 6 badge into the second doll and then collect the handle 
    from underneath the third doll
26. Zoom out and move right. Use the yellow key to open the dollís house
27. Click the teddy and then pick up the ear from the ground
28. Zoom out and move left. Place the handle onto the bottom left drawer
29. Open the drawer and zoom in on the puzzle. Collect the other ear
30. Now following the plan that was written on the side of the house, place 
    circles in the boxes as indicated when the screw at the top is in a 
    horizontal position
31. Collect the number five badge that appears on the side
32. Zoom out and move left twice. Zoom in on the cabinet again and place the 
    number 5 badge on the third doll. Collect the coin from underneath the 
    forth doll
33. Move back to the puzzle in the drawer and use the coin to change the screw 
    to a vertical position. Now fill in the squares as per the diagram on the 
    side of the house again. Collect the number three badge
34. Go back to the Russian doll picture and place in the number three badge. 
    Collect the teddyís nose
35. Go back to the teddy in the dollís house. Place all the parts on the teddy 
    onto him. Collect the blue key that appears
36. Zoom out and move left. Use the blue key on the lock on the window and escape!

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