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  Hints and Tips for: Pokemon Battle Arena 
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 Pokemon Battle Arena Cheats

Pokemon Battle Arena

Different maps:
Submitted by: RM

You go on the map (wait for it load) when it loads where it says map1 map2. 
Put in what ever number u want and ull be in that place.

No waisting pokeballs:
All you have to do is use the pokeballs and if it does not catch the pokemon 
then just press the back button on the top left of you computer screen.

Immortality Cheat:
Submitted by: amin akhtar

While battling an opponent open another tab the pokemon center and while you are 
battling when you're health goes down just heal you're pokemon.

How to train bulbasaur:
If you have problems in training bulbasaur from lev 3-6, then add leech seed attack.
It is SHOULD destroy pokemon in two shots.(not including legends). Then at lev 25 
battle may's venusaur lev 100. Then use keech seed. It is guarranteed to kill it i 
one shot. (Bbest part - Your bulbasaur wont be killed) there is no need to attach 
leaf stone to evolve it to venusaur.

Super Easy Experience:
Find a Wild Pokemon or a Trainer (Havent tried with trainer), Copy the URL and then
defeat the Wild pokemon or trainer. Return to the spot you were on the map, heal 
yourself do whatever. whenever you feel like it again, paste the URL into the bar
or whatever and click enter. The pokemon or trainer's pokemon should have 0 health,
you just attack it once, it doesnt attack back and u get the same amount of 

Strong pokemon and money continued:
Catch or buy a gastly and go battle pryce. he is the second to last gym leader 
under johto and use gastly. pryce's pokemon do no damage to your gastly.

Murkrow how to evolve:
Defeat legy master and you should get a black flute and then get a murkrow (which 
can be found in route 16) you should see evolve me by it on your my pokemon.

Quick 33:
Submitted by: Poke Master

all you do is battle Sinnoh Elite 4 Go to Bertha 3 on 3 Battle pick any two stronger 
than the pokemon you want to level up and click attack your weak pokemon will go up 
1 level open a new tab to the pokecenter and heal them then click refresh on the battle 

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