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  Hints and Tips for: Pokemon - Sapphire 
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 Pokemon - Sapphire Cheats

Pokemon - Sapphire

Cheat Codes:
Submnitted by: RM

It allows you to abandon the saved file from anyone
who wants it. Or you would normally sell it for money. 

Code          Effect
B+UP+Select - Delete Saved Data

Mystery Event:
To get the mystery event go to Petalburg and enter the Pokemon 
Center. Talk to the guy standing next to the PC. He'll ask you 
to give him your profile - say yes. Enter as your profile 
"mystery event is exciting." Then save the game and turn off 
the game. When you play again you will have mystery event. 
It's a bit like mystery gift. 

Mirage Island:
To find Mirage Island, go to Pacifidlog Town (the town on the water).
Go as far right as possible. Then go inside the house. Talk to the 
guy looking out the window. He'll probably say 'I can't see Mirage 
Island.' If that happens, try again the next day. Eventually, he'll
say 'I can see Mirage Island.' Then surf east and you'll find Mirage

Jigglypuff Island:
Start from Rustboro, and head north up to the water near route 115. 
Use surf to travel even farther north, and eventually you will see a
patch of land to your right. Go ashore and you will be on a secret 
island! Here there are a few trainers, and you will be able to find
wild Swablu, Taillow, Swellow, and the rare Jigglypuff.

Pokemon Duplication (Clone):
Put the pokemon you want to clone in an empty box, then take it out
and put it in another box (make sure it's a different box), then 
save. But when it says "Saving do not turn off power," turn it off.
The next time you turn the game back on there should be two of the 
pokemon you cloned.

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