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 Pool of Radiance Cheats

Pool of Radiance

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Save the game, goto dos and type:
NCHRDATZ.??    (??=savenumber)
E 0154 FF      255 hitpoints
E 0134 FF      Points
E 01AC FF FF   Experiencepoints
E 0190 16 43   Money

Duplicate Money and Items: 
To duplicate money and items, do this: 

Create a character to carry your money. Add him to your party.Have 
everybody give him their money and any items you wish to duplicate.
Remove evreyone but the money carrier from your party. Save into a 
different game slot (not the one you were using.) Remove the money 
carrier from your party. Load your original game and enjoy your 

Ultimate Party:
Submitted by: CDMII

Pool of Radience PC (1988) 
First, play the game and keep all the important magical items (especially the 
Manual of Bodily Health, the Ring of Invisibility, and the Necklace of Missles). 
Save game "J". Have one party member leave with all the good stuff, but save the 
game on "B". Next, Create six Fighter/Magic User/Thief characters to start a new 
game and have one leave temporarily. Next, use the Add a New Character feature to 
pull in all the good stuff from the character you loaded up from the prior game. 
Have him leave and save game "A". Re-edit "J" and let the loaded character leave. 
Save as game "B", exit to DOS, and restart game "A". Repeat until everyone is maxed 
out and carrying extra equipment for the last guy and a maybe a couple cleric henchmen. 
Don't get greedy (yet) on the Manual of Bodily Health as it affects LP when leveling up. 
Level up. Save "A" before and restart on bad rolls. Get the max LP on all your guys. 
Once you have the party trained, you're ready to make them into monsters with the 
Manual of Bodily Health. Import your copy repeatedly and use it until everyone has a 
Constitution of 25. (Don't put more than five copies of it on the character you use 
for the Add Character to Party feature because six copies may cause a glitch when you 
try to Add him.) Your characters all heal like trolls now so you do not need clerics. 
Hire and train a couple Heros if you want them in front and load them up to the max as well. 
Your thief's BACKSTAB can kill even Tyranthraxus with one hit...and you have 6 guys that 
can do it. HINT: The game adjusts to your power level so expect to see HOARDS of monsters 
when you used to see just a small party. Use the Necklace of Missles or it will take a 
while to clear them all out. You NOW have the ULTIMATE party possible for this game. 
Start a fresh game and RULE!


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