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  Hints and Tips for: Portal Knights 
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 Portal Knights Cheats

Portal Knights

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Make Money Fast:
Written by Brucewaynesuperpayne

Simple guide on how to make a lot of money very fast. I spend 1,000gp 
and make about 24,000gp in about 3 minutes each time I do this.

-=Items Needed=-
Speak to the trader Razzo in Fort Finch (1-03) and buy 50 of the 
Explosion Bombs. At 20gp each it will cost you 1,000gp.
Alternatively, you can just use a Drill for this.

-=Tomb of C'thiris
Head to the Tomb of C'thiris or anywhere else that has Large Stone 
Bricks Block. I like to do it here because I do this before I start 
a C'thiris run for Energy Crystals.

Throw your Explosion Bombs at the temple and pick up the blocks.

The place should be destroyed when you are done and you should have 
about 1,000 of Large Stone Bricks Block.

-=Selling the Blocks=-
Head back to Razzo and sell all the Large Stone Bricks Block.

As you can see, they sell for 24 gp each. 200 sell for 4,800gp. For each 
20gp bomb you throw, if you get 20 blocks you just made 480gp. If you 
leave the tomb with 1,000 blocks, which you get very fast, you make 
24,000gp each run.

I do this to buy ingredients for potions instead of farming them and 
other items.

Now buy more Explosion Bombs and do it again!

All Item Lists:
Written by CookiestMonster

Portal Knights is a cooperative, 3D sandbox action RPG to level up your character, 
craft epic weapons, conquer enemies in real-time, and build almost anything. here 
is a world of all the unreleased/unobtainable items in the game with signs.

-=Blocks 13 in order of descending=-
Grey Hard Stone
Polished grey stone
Dark hard stone
Polished dark hard stone
Light grey hard stone
Polished light grey hard stone
Yellow hard stone
Polished yellow hard stone
Red hard stone
Polished red hard stone

-=Vainty (Armor) 4 in order of descending=-
Slime Head
Dragon Mask
Frosty’s Nose
Mummy Head

-=Pets 25 in order of descending=-
Black rat
Hooded Gray-white rat
Hooded brown-white rat
Brown-white rat
Black-White rat
Hooded Brown-Black Rat
Pink Dinosaur
Orange-White cat
Striped black-white cat
Striped grey cat
Striped brown cat
Black And Brown Poodle
Brown Poodle
Red-White Snake
gray-Yellow Snake
Yellow-white snake
Red-yellow snake
Black owl
Beige owl
White-Black Owl
Dark monkey
Grey squirrel
Green-red frog
Orange-yellow frog
Yellow frog

Furniture 64
Small iron window (DLC)
Tall iron window (DLC)
Round sign
Ghost barrier
Green sparkler
Purple sparkler
Small Fireplace
Altar of enhancement
Open Coffin
Coffin Lid
King’s Coffin Lid
Dungeon Celling
Dungeon Floor
Broken chair
Broken stool
Broken bench
Broken rack
Broken bed
Large broken bookshelf
Bell of the pillars
Trail bell of agility
Trail bell of strength
Trail bell of delving
Decorative Bookcase
Dragon urn
Bird urn
Simple tall vase
Simple bulgy vase
Simple small vase
Pile of scacks
Pile of water bombs
Cannon ball pile
Forged weapons
Forged weapons (More axes)
Bamboo wall deco
Large bamboo wall deco
Pile of Bones small
Pile of Bones medium
Pile of Bones Large
Nest box
Explosive container
Water Source
Herbs container 02a (Barrel)
Herbs container 02b (Barrel)
Herbs container 01a (Crate)
Fruit container 01b (Crate)
Fruit container 02a (Barrel)
Fruit container 02b (Barrel)
Fruit container 02c (Barrel)
Fruit container 01a (Crate)
Fruit container 01b (Crate)
Fruit container 01c (Crate)
Berries container 02a (Barrel)
Berries container 02b (Barrel)
Berries container 01a (Crate)
Berries container 01b (Crate)
Chilli container 02a (Barrel)
Chilli container 02b (Barrel)
Chilli container 01a (Crate)
Chilli container 01b (Crate)

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