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  Hints and Tips for: Portal Defenders 
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 Portal Defenders Cheats

Portal Defenders

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: David K.

* Use all of the bombs you get until the last stage, then just 
  make sure you have about 4 left when you beat JOHNNYUTAH & 
  STAMPER. You can only carry 9 bombs total.
* Don't eat ANY body parts until AFTER the chest. You're going 
  to get 100% life from the chest anyway.
* On WADOLF, after you knock him down, lure the zombies (who are
  slow and have a VERY short attack range) to one side of the map.
  If he follows, bomb him and them together. If not, run around 
  the zombies and beat him up some more.
* If WADOLF catches you in his laser beam, mash on the bomb button,
  you can get one out in between knockdowns, and it can interrupt 
  it, or at the very least you trade damage with him.
* I suck at aiming missiles at MINDCHAMBER. I just approach him 
  from above or below and bash away. Always be off his horizontal
  axis when he gets up.
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