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  Hints and Tips for: Portal - Prelude 
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 Portal - Prelude Cheats

Portal - Prelude

Cheats Codes:
Submitted by: RM

All commands are done via the console. They must be enabled via the console option 
on shortcut, or enabled through the in-game options under the Advanced section of 
Controls. It is then accessed by pressing ~. 
(Note: Most of these require sv_cheats to be set to 1.)

Result                                          Code
Allow separate sets of portals to be created  - change_portalgun_linkage_id [0-3]
Spawn Weighted Storage Cube                   - ent_create_portal_weight_box
Fire an energy ball                           - fire_energy_ball
Portal placement cannot be bumped             - sv_portal_placement_never_bump 1
Portals can be placed on almost any surface   - sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1
Allow use of second portal placement          - upgrade_portalgun
Spawn citizen                                 - npc_create npc_citizen
Spawn Breen                                   - npc_create npc_breen
Spawn zombie                                  - npc_create npc_zombie
Spawn Bouncy metal ball                       - ent_create_portal_metal_sphere
Basic portal gun                              - give weapon_portalgun
First person                                  - view firstperson
Third person                                  - view thirdperson
All weapons, including those from Half Life 2 - impulse 101
Invincibility                                 - god
No clipping mode                              - noclip
Disable cheat mode                            - sv_cheats 0
All challenges completed                      - sv_bonus_map_complete 1
Take damage but cannot die                    - buddha
Set gravity; "600" is default                 - sv_gravity [number]
Spawn live Headcrab                           - npc_create npc_headcrab 
Spawn Barnacle                                - npc_create npc_barnacle
Spawn Combine Soldier                         - npc_create npc_combine_s
Spawn Gman with suitcase                      - npc_create npc_gman
Spawn Alyx                                    - npc_create npc_alyx
Spawn standing turret                         - npc_portal_turret_floor
Spawn Metro policeman                         - npc_create npc_metropolice
Set game speed; default is "1"                - host_timescale 
Turrets do not shoot at you                   - notarget
Spawn a rocket turret                         - npc_create_aimed npc_rocket_turret
Spawn an airboat                              - ch_createairboat 
Toggle rocket turrets                         - ent_fire npc_rocket_turret toggle
Turn targeted storage cube into a companion   - ent_fire !picker skin 1

Alternate title screen:
Successfully complete the game to see the party room in disarray and partially
on fire with search lasers from missile turrets sweeping around.

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