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  Hints and Tips for: Portal - The Flash Version 
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 Portal - The Flash Version Cheats

Portal - The Flash Version

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Hit Escape, go to Options, turn on Console. Back in the game, press ~ and 
type "nextlevel" other fun commands can be found by typing "help"

Level 9:
Use gravity to give you an extra boost. Shoot a portal in the roof. Shoot 
one under you. Now you should be continuously falling. While you are 
falling, shoot a portal on the bottom next to the tower. Your extra momentum 
while falling will give you an extra boost when you come up. Next tower. 
Shoot a portal to the left side, as high as possible. Shoot another portal
at the bottom right. Jump in. If you don't have enough speed to clear, aim 
for the bottom portal. Second time should be fast enough.

Level 15:
This one is kind of hard and requires timing.
Stay on the high ledge. Shoot a portal into the middle (a bit to the 
right of middle), shoot a portal to wall above the entrance. Jump 
from high ledge into lower level portal. You should have enough speed
to shoot across. Now you're in the middle ledge. Shoot a portal under 
you. You should reappear back on the high ledge. Shoot a portal into 
the middle of the lower level like you did the first time. Jump in from 
the high ledge. You should have enough speed to fly up from the middle 
portal into the energy section. So timing is crucial here, so jump in 
as it's about to go off. Once there, hop to the right and you're clear.

Level 26:
Stand as far right as you can. Shoot portal above red button. 
Shoot second portal under the cube near you, landing the cube 
on the red button. Walk through the portal and stand on the 
other button. The door will open, now shoot another portal on 
the far right wall, and one on the wall to your immediate left. 
Pick up the cube (F) and walk through portal. Place cube down (F) 
on the button to open the bottom door. You can't move through the 
blue line, but you can shoot through it so open a portal anyway 
beneath it. Walk through and exit.

Update by: kobi

The first thing you need to do is to go to the options menu from the main 
menu. On the right side you'll have "Console (~, ingame) OFF", click on OFF
to change it to ON.

Now during a game session press the ~ key (top left of the keyboard, below 
Escape) and enter one of the following codes, followed by Enter: 

Results                               Code
Level skip                          - nextlevel
previous level                      - prevlevel
Set gravity                         - gravity [0][number]
Suicide                             - kill
Go through walls with [Cursor keys] - noclip
View game information               - info
Toggle sound                        - sound, sounds, or autoquality
Hold [Space] to open a portal       - space, aim, or detectshot
Set quality level                   - quality [0-3]
Set effects level                   - effects [0-2]
View frame rate and level number    - showfps
Toggle God mode                     - god
Toggle Portal Proof mode            - portalproof or antiportal
Toggle dancing                      - dance or /dance
Toggle crosshair                    - crosshair
toggle Playercam                    - dynamiccam or dynamicam
Stop all sounds currently running   - stopallsounds or stopsounds
Toggle map box                      - showmapbox
Toggle display of Portal box        - showportalbox
Toggle display of Portal hit box    - showportalhitbox
Toggle display of Portal mask       - showportalmask
Toggle step visibility              - showsteps or showstep
Toggle shot visibility              - showshot or showshots
Spawn Box                           - createbox
Remove Box                          - removebox
Spawn Cam                           - createcam
Remove Cam                          - removecam
Spawn Ball                          - createball
Remove Ball                         - removeBall
Remove Turret                       - removeturret
Restart indicated level             - restartlevel [number] or restartmap [number]

Submitted by: GLaDOS

(NOTE : if you see @ Then that means thats just a cheats that makes a word in 
the Console _ and don't use @ in the console , just think of it as it tells you 
if makes the game fun like makes you jump high , spawn , or have fun )

lol ( Hahaahah )
roflcopter ( ? )
lolcopter ( thats my ride home )
time ( doesm't tell you the time )
console ( That's me )
zomgowned ( lol ) 
@info ( tells you the info )
flash (t crashes a lot. And does problems with Vista x64 )
lost ( charlie's dead )
stop ( ? )
portal ( Doesn't do anything )
wecreatestuff (oh, we totally do )
pie (Not just a pie , me firends , it's apple pie )
@ dance (Makes you dance , i think ...)
@ die/kill (same thing)
@ gravity * ( Put * as 0 - Who knows)
@ gotolevel * (Put * as 0 - 41)
@ god ( ??? )
@ create turret (spawn a turret)
@ createball (spawn a ball)
@ createbox (spawn a box)
@ createcompanion (spawn companion cube)

Submitted by: Jay

Open up the console and type in gman and a message says:yes,you can find him,visualy,
in this game... NOTE YOU CAN FIND HIM IN LEVEL 16!

Submitted by: Jay

gravity ... (min 0 max any number!)

Submitted by: Solumaenus

If you go to options, there is a console button. press it. then press this button ~ 
it will put you to a screen. on the bottom there is a thing you can write in. 
type:god.then you type noclip. Once you resume game, you will be able to fly 
through walls and you wont get killed.

Missing message cheats:
Submitted by: Jarod

enable console (`) and type
type happens
hl2 is awesome
tf2 well i like the first

Robot love:
Submitted by: gavin

Get the companion cube on the consle (level 16) pick it up & wave it arond the camera.

Creating stuff:
Submitted by: Alundra73

To create stuff (like everyones favourite, the companion cube), follow these steps.

1. Start a new game.
2. Go to 'OPTIONS' and enable the console. (~ in game)
3. Type one of these codes and the follwing should happen--

createcompanioncube Spawns Companion Cube 
createturret1 Spawns a right-facing turret
createturret Spawns a left-facing turret
createbox Spawns a cube
createcam or create createcamera Spawns a camera on top of your head


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