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  Hints and Tips for: Power Chess 
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 Power Chess Cheats

Power Chess

The first time you play the king move pown to e5. 
After his move, move pown to d5. After his second 
move move your queen to h4, checkmate. 
Works every time.

Defeat the King:
Start a game against the King. When prompted to set up your
skill, raise it so you are a rated player. Set the rating to
2500. Try to play him and the game will respond that you are
to good to play the King, and that you should play the Queen.
Instead of play the Queen, play the King. Choose to play as 
White, if you have this option. Select any desired clock if 
given the choice. Your first move should be E2-E4. 
He will move F7-F6. You should move D2-D4. 
He will then move G7-G5. 
Your final move should be D1-H5 for the check mate.
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