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 Price Is Right Cheats

Price Is Right

Pricing games on demand:
Successfully complete all the challenges for every pricing game,
You can now play any pricing game as desired.

The value of the items on Contestant's Row is as follows.

Acoustic guitars: $800 
Area rug: $2,498 
Area rug (non-fuzz): $813 
Assorted massagers: $1,000 
Banjo: $1,719 
Bar Set: $2,910 
BBQ: $1,199 
Beach lounge: $630 
Black home gym: $610 
Blue artwork: $3,450 
Blue surfboard: $1,330 
Brown fireplace: $2,948 
Camping equipment: $1,045 
Cotton candy maker: $1,408 
Crystal globe: $1,180 
Crystal stemware: $1,344 
CX1055 exercise bike: $1,000 
Desktop computer and printer: $1,000 
Dinette set: $1,195 
Dirt bike: $1,294 
Family game set: $805 
Fireplace: $599 
Fitness gear: $750 
Floor clock: $1,375 
Fridge: $1,099 
Golden West pool table with hanging pockets: $2,800 
Golden West pool table with non-hang pockets: $2,195 
GPS system: $1,400 
Greenhouse: $1,388 
Grill and Chill BBQ: $2,535 
His and her golf equipment: $1,440 
His and her snowboard: $765 
I-Sonic: $599 
Kayak: $873 
Lady's golf equipment: $1,240 
Maps: $658 
Massage recliner: $1,799 
Moped: $2,549 
Morgan recliner: $549 
Nurbierf office equipment: $2,877 
Patio heaters: $525 
Pool cleaner: $1,499 
Power tool kit: $486 
Quozel bouquet lamps: $1,338 
Quozel floor lamps: $713 
Riding lawnmower: $980 
Surfboard (tug boat): $1,680 
Tailgaters kit: $806 
Washer and dryer: $1,668 
Whirlpool range: $949 
White home gym: $2,200 
Wine fridge: $1,499 
Wizard gumball machine: $999

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