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  Hints and Tips for: Pricilla Gone Missing 
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 Pricilla Gone Missing Cheats

Pricilla Gone Missing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Combine for Victory:
There are lots of items you'll come across in your adventure, some of 
which may not be very useful by themselves. Try combining items with 
each other (by dragging them on top of each other) to create new items
that you can use to solve some of the puzzles.

1. Go in the building & turn on the light on the left just inside
2. Pick up the piece of paper from the file cabinet
3. Turn the power box…You will see a lightning bolt on the box
4. Go outside and continue to the right side of the scene
5. Grab the lighter in the pebbles beneath the chair
6. Grab the black wire from inside the stove
7. Go back to the scene with the car, & go up the elevator behind 
   the car
8. Take a look in the binoculars at the top (nest to the right side of 
   the shed)…note this is where the game is trying to take you
9. Go into the shed, then grab the bottle & the hook
10. Continue left to enter a new scene with a bird on a line
11. Go to the far platform and click to move the crank and lift a basket
12. Click on the rope in the basket to get it
13. Put the hook with the rope to attach them together
14. Go into the building near the bird, & get the crowbar from in the 
    bed (under the covers)
15 Go back outside & note the furnace beside the left side of the 
16. Put the paper in the furnace, set it on fire with the lighter, and 
    a funnel will shoot out
17. Retrieve the funnel & add it to the bottle, & then add the black 
    wire in the funnel bottle combo
18. Go down the path behind the bird, inside the fence
19. At the end of the path, put the rope with the hook on to the crane
20. Go back up to the butane tank just shortly up the pathway
21. Use the crowbar on the butane tank until it is released (3x’s 
    should do it), falls, & blows up
22. Go back to the elevator & go down to the car
23. Put the bottle combo into the gas tank of the car to fill it 
    with gasoline
24. Go to the scene of the porta-potty, and stove…this is where things 
    blew up after the butane tank fell
25. In that scene, hook the black gear to the basket
26. Grab another black wire from the ground (right side of scene hidden 
    under the dirt, & may have to click a bit to find it)
27. Go back up the elevator and go up…past the bird…back down the path 
    behind it & to the crane you added the rope & hook to
28. Pour, the gasoline from the car, it into the crane tank
29. Click on the engine to start, & it will go pick up the basket with 
    the gear off the ground
30. Go back to the bird scene & click the basket to get in it
31. Click on the paper on the right box attached to the parachute
32. It reads “opla.”
33. Click on the entrance keypad to the door of the building in the 
34. Solve the code on the door of the little building in the middle by 
    matching up the letters (on the #pad) with o-p-l-a in that order
35. Get into the elevator

...the game says “to be continued…”

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