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 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Classic teams:
Submitted by: RM

Complete the indicated task to unlock the team. 

Classic Argentina   - Win the World Cup with Argentina. 
Classic Brazil      - Win the World Cup with Brazil. 
Classic England     - Win the World Cup with England. 
Classic France      - Win the World Cup with France. 
Classic Germany     - Win the World Cup with Germany. 
Classic Italy       - Win the World Cup with Italy. 
Classic Netherlands - Win the World Cup with Netherlands. 

Classic players:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the group of players.

Classic Players  1 - Win the Division 1 League at the Master League. 
Classic Players  2 - Win the Division 1 Cup at the Master League. 
Classic Players  3 - Win the European League. 
Classic Players  4 - Win the European Cup at the Master League. 
Classic Players  5 - Win the England League. 
Classic Players  6 - Win the France League. 
Classic Players  7 - Win the Italy League. 
Classic Players  8 - Win the Netherlands League. 
Classic Players  9 - Win the Spanish League. 
Classic Players 10 - Win the European Cup. 
Classic Players 11 - Win the African Cup. 
Classic Players 12 - Win the American Cup. 
Classic Players 13 - Win the Asia/Oceania Cup.

Classic Players:
Unlock classic players by winning cups and leagues in the various modes.

Unlockable                            How to Unlock
Law, Roger Milla,  Butragueno, 
Dalgleish,Bakero and Savicevic      - Win Master League: Division 1

Puskas, Eusebio,  I Rush, Yashin,  
H Sanchez and Peruzzi               - Win Division 1 Cup

Poborsky,  Hagi,  Laudrup, Deisler are the bigger names 
out of 34 players unlocked

Perfect Master League team:
Go to Edit mode and increase all of the abilities of the players that you
want to select for your team. After this, go to Master League mode and chose
the option "Create Custom Team". Edit everything desired until you get to 
the default players list. Select every one of the default players individually,
and change them to the players that you edited before. You will start the 
league with a very low budget, but your team's budget will become stable 
after you win many matches. It will be easier to do this because your team
now has perfect abilities.

Master League unlimited Team Training:
Submitted by: ekky

save game after you train your team and load the game again. 
Now look Team Training available again.
sorry for my poor english*_*

Unlocking Soccer Players:
To unlock players such as D. Beckham, C. Ronaldo, W. Rooney, Kaka, etc, you 
must beat their team in World Tour Mode. For example, to unlock Wayne Rooney
and David Beckham you would have to beat England in World Tour mode.

PES True World Champion:
When You enter the world tour in PES 2008 you will have to play against world 
teams in a World Tour. When you beat all of the teams in the groups from K-A 
you will win silver coins, but the World Tour isn't over. After you beat the 
world teams you will have to play against the club teams. (This isn't as long
as the first part of the world tour.) When you beat the club teams you will 
win blue coins, but the world tour still isn't over. Next you will have to 
face classic teams. This is shorter than playing the world teams and the club 
teams but it is much harder depending on the team you're facing. When you win
against the classic teams you win gold coins and a screen appears saying you 
are the true world champion.

Never ending Regulate conditions:
Go to the "Master League" options and do the "Regulate Condition" option. After
that, save your game. Once that is done, go into the Master League again. You 
will see another "Regulate Condition". You can do this as many times as desired.

Easy PES:
Begin a new International League mode. Reduce the number of teams to three and
the duration to half. Win the first match, save the game, and win the final match.
You will get a prize of 3,000 PES. When the league menu appears, load your game 
and win again as many times as desired. You will get 3,000 PES as a reward for 
each victory.

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