Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 
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 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Real team names:
The in-game team names to real names in the Premier League are 
in the following order: 

* Arsenal FC 
* Aston Villa FC 
* Birmingham City FC 
* Blackburn Rovers FC 
* Blackpool FC 
* Bolton Wanderers FC 
* Chelsea FC 
* Everton FC 
* Fulham FC 
* Liverpool FC 
* Manchester City FC 
* Manchester United FC 
* Newcastle United FC 
* Stoke City FC 
* Sunderland aFC 
* Tottenham Hotspur FC 
* West Bromwich Albion FC 
* West Ham United FC 
* Wigan Athletic FC 
* Wolverhampton Wanderers 

Note: Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are licensed.

The in-game team names to real names in the Spanish League are as follows.

* Hecioguel to Hercules CF 
* Zelvantez to Levante UD 
* Mlg Blanco/Azul to Malaga CF 
* Pamp Rojo to CA Osasuna 
* Sev.Blanco to Sevilla FC 
* SSFB.Azul/Blanco to Real Sociedad 

Easy PES points:
Buy playing a full season in your Master League. You will get almost 300 
PES points. Playing "Become A Legend" also gets you PES points as well.

Club transfers:
Make the following changes.

Armand Traore to Juventus from Arsenal. 
Silvestre to Werder Bremen from Arsenal. 
Eduardo to Shaktar Donetsk from Arsenal. 
Campbell to Newcastle United from Arsenal. 
Gallas to Tottenham Hotspur from Arsenal. 
Harewood to Blackpool from Aston Villa. 
Quedrue to ? from Birmingham City. 
Di Santo to Wigan Athletic From Blackburn Rovers. 
R.Carvalho to Real Madrid from Chelsea. 
Deco to Flamengo from Chelsea. 
Mancienne to Wolverhampton Wanderers from Chelsea. 
Sinclair to ? from Chelsea. 
Konchesky to Liverpool from Fulham. 
Shorey to West Bromwich Albion from Fulham. 
Mascherano to FC Barcelona from Liverpool. 
Aquilani to Juventus from Liverpool. 
Nemeth to Panathinakos from Liverpool. 
Riera to Olympiacos from Liverpool. 
Bellamy to ? from Manchester City. 
Weiss to Rangers from Manchester City. 
J.Garrido to Lazio from Manchester City. 
Welbeck to Sunderland from Manchester United. 
M.Diouf to Blackburn Rovers from Manchester United. 
Forster to Celtic from Newcastle United. 
L.Lawrence to ? from Stoke City. 
D.Kitson to ? from Stoke City. 
Beattie to Rangers from Stoke City. 
Cana to Galatasaray from Sunderland. 
Moore to ? from Blackpool. 
Scotland to ? from Wigan Athletic. 
Kapo to ? from Wigan Athletic. 
Keogh to ? from Wolverhampton Wanderers. 
Piquionne to West Ham from Lyon. 
Niang to Fenerbahce from Marseille. 
Ben Afra to Newcastle United from Marseille. 
Gudjohnsen to Stoke City from AS Monaco. 
Remy to Marseille from OGC Nice. 
Gyan Asamoah to Sunderland from Stade Rennais. 
Gignac to marseille from Toulouse. 
Krhin to Bologna from Inter Milan. 
Balotelli to Manchester City from Inter Milan. 
Storari to AC Milan from Juventus. 
Giovinco to Parma from Juventus. 
Borrielo to AS Roma from AC Milan. 
Huntelaar to ? from AC Milan. 
Rinaudo to Juventus from Napoli. 
Quagliarella to Juventus from Napoli. 
Poulsen to Liverpool from Juventus. 
Trezeguet to Hercules from Juventus. 
Diego to ? from Juventus. 
C.Lucarelli to Napoli from Parma. 
Stankevicius to Valencia from Sampdoria. 
Dembele to Fulham from AZ Alkmaar. 
Salcido to Fulham from PSV Eindhoven. 
Stam to Wigan Athletic from FC Twente. 
Ibrahimovic to AC Milan from FC Barcelona. 
Caceres to Sevilla from FC Barcelona. 
Hleb to Birmingham City from FC Barcelona. 
Marquez to ? from FC Barcelona. 
Henry to ? from FC Barcelona. 
Van Der Vaart to Tottenham Hotspur from Real Madrid. 
Drenthe to Hercules from Real Madrid. 
Guti to Besiktas from Real Madrid. 
Adriano to FC Barcelona from Sevilla. 
Godin to Sevilla from Villarreal. 
Mesut Ozil to Real Madrid from Werder Bremen. 
Derbyshire to Birmingham City from Olympiacos. 
C.Benitez to ? from Birhimgham City. 
Keirrison to FC Barcelona from Benfica. 
Ramires to Chelsea from Benfica. 
M.Veloso to Genoa from Sporting Lisbon. 
Aquafresca to Calcio from Genoa. 
Boruc to Fiorentina from Celtic. 
McGeady to Spartak Moscow from Celtic. 
Fortune to West Bromwich Albion from Celtic. 
Majstrovic to Celtic from AEK Athens. 
Pennant to Stoke City from Real Zaragoza. 
Squillaci to Arsenal from Sevilla. 
Robinho to AC Milan from Brazil N.Team. 
Khedira to Real Madrid from Germany N.Team. 
Sculli to Inter Milan from Genoa. 
Camoranesi to ? from Juventus. 
Raul to ? from Real Madrid. 
Izaguirre to Celtic from Honduras N.Team (Iztore to Izaguirre). 
Juarez to Celtic from Mexico (Juerzo to Juarez). 
Kayal to Celtic from Israel N.Team (Kial to Kayal). 

Real player names:
The in-game player names to real names are as follows. 
Note: To get the teams, go to "Extra Content" and buy them for 300 PES points.
To get the classic players, go to "Extra Content", then "Players" and buy all 
40 player packs. There are four players in each pack and each pack costs 40 
PES points.

-=Classic Argentina=-
GK: Pulzato to Pumpido 
CB: Runzal to Ruggeri 
SW: Semini to Sesini 
CB: Chiero to Chamot 
DMF: Siljome to Simeone 
DMF: Rogueiro to Redondo 
SMF: Guly Lomer to Gustavo Lopez 
WF: Camirra to Canniggia 
SS: Malgani to Maradona 
CF: Bolibo to Balbo 
CF: Baquistata to Batistuta 
GK: Ferem to Fillol 
SW: Palteza to Passarella 
CB: Vighatz to Vivas 
SB: Curalle to Cuciuffo 
DMF: Barenqua to Batista 
DMF: Calassi to Giusti 
CMF: Anlleroz to Ardiles 
AMF: Bujutava to Burruchaga 
Cf: Bazqueni to Valdano 
CF: Dioraz to Diaz 
CF: Querant to Kempes 

-=Classic Brazil=-
GK: Taralm to Taffarel 
SB: Jirjonho to Jorginho 
AMF: Leymauro to Leonardo 
DMF: Malo Sila to Mauro Silva 
DMF: Dorte to Dunga 
AMF: Rasan to Rai 
AMF: Zilcao to Zinho 
SS: Benar to Bebeto 
CF: Rozerio to Romario 
GK: Lemon to Leao 
SB: Cashoo to Cafu 
DMF: Salmaio to Sampaio 
AMF: Zilre to Zico 
SS: Elimelto to Edmundo 
SS: Palm to Pele 
WF: Ganarrin to Garrincha 
CF: Camre to Careca 
CF: Miracir to Muller 

-=Classic Italy=-
GK: Zoru to Zoff 
SW: Baroini to Baresi 
CB: Corsacoupe to Costacurta 
DMF: Dinmo Bratto to Dino Baggio 
DMF: Almelini to Albertini 
SMF: Besnola to Berti 
WF: Doramore to Donadoni 
SS: Lon Barron to Roberto Baggio 
CF: Verroni to Vialli 
GK: Zervbo to Zenga 
GK: Palunca to Pagliuca 
CB: Fenorra to Ferrari 
CB: Benboli to Bergomi 
WB: De Libro to Di Livio 
CMF: Taugani to Tardelli 
SS: Maroghi to Mazzola 
SS: Sorua to Zola 
CF: Loggu to Rossi 
CF: Vileni to Vieri 
CF: Caccili to Casiraghi 
CF: Ricchini to Riva 

-=Classic Netherlands=-
GK: De Home to De Goey 
SW: Fil Da Buuni to F. De Boer 
CMF: Hofu to Cocu 
CMF: Weltar to Winter 
CMF: Darit to Davids 
SS: Bemkap to Bergkamp 
AMF: Ron Da Buuni to R. De Boer 
WF: Orhajmnalz to Overmars 
CF: Creibaad to P. Kluivert 
GK: Von Heikemen to Van Breuklen 
SW: Romaal Kultan to Ronald Koeman 
SW: Kjuna to Krol 
DMF: Waltoor to Wouters 
DMF: Jaltang to Jansen 
CMF: Jorme to Jonk 
CMF: Raukoores to Rijkaard 
AMF: Niilsentz to Neeskens 
AMF: Gulaas to Gullit 
SS: Cwarim to Cruyff 
CF: Von Bolsen to Van Basten 
CF: Van Ooidork to Van Hoodijink

-=Classic England=-
GK: Siyanen to Seaman 
CB: Adion to Adams 
CB: Kilcan to Keown 
SB: Saintpealer to Stuart Pearce 
CMF: Imghe to Ince 
AMF: Plyguts to Platt 
SMF: Malmoran to Mcmanaman 
AMF: Galbone to Gascoigne 
CF: Il rance to Ian Wright 
CF: Shirare to Shearer 
GK: Shelearn to Shilton 
SB: Molna to Moore 
SB: Le Doe to Lee Dixon 
SB: Salton to Sansom 
CMF: Roden to Robson 
AMF: Horner to Hoddle 
AMF: Chiringbone to B.Charlton 
SS: Shilecon to Sheringham 
WF: Burdner to Barnes 
WF: Warol to Waddle 
CF: Linden to Lineker 

-=Classic France=-
GK: Bathez to Barthez 
CB: Dairsell to Dasilly 
SW: Bruin to Blanc 
SB: Telin to Thuram 
SB: Lirazal to Lizarazu 
DMF: Deroem to Deschamps 
DMF: Katanyfu to Karembu 
DMF: Pooroe to Petit 
AMF: Zirom to Zidane 
AMF: Djiutaleff to Djorkaeff 
CF: Derrai to Dugarry 
GK: Lingne to Lama 
CB: Leghasci to Leboeuf 
CB: Bolque to Bossis 
SB: Argu to Amoros 
WB: Calmela to Candela 
AMF: Proquinei to Platini 
CF: Guyrontin to Guivarc'h 
CF: Putam to Papin 
CF: Calcoma to Cantona

-=Classic Germany=-
CB: Kolmann to Kohler 
AMF: Maletz to Matthaus 
CB: Burckland to Buchwald 
SW: Zoner to Zammer 
DMF: Jernisch to Jen Jeremies 
DMF: Reunsara to Reuter 
SB: Ziede to Ziege 
AMF: Dartley to Deisler 
AMF: Meyno to Moller 
CF: Bilkos to Bierhoff 
GK: Koethla to Kopke 
GK: Itzmoler to Illger 
SW: Behrengauna to Beckenbauer 
CB: Hemton to Helmer 
WB: Bnarck to Brehme 
SMF: Sloeger to Schneider 
AMF: Hoeitor to Hassler 
SS: Rewtelize to Rummenigge 
WF: Lisagawski to Littbarski 
CF: Clantzgan to Klinsmann 
CF: Vauner to Voller 
CF: Mjarnie to Muller 

-=Classic Players Packs=-
CB: Amoni to C.Ayala 
CF: Cruzero to Julio Cruz 
CMF: Enelkon to Emerson 
SS: Rawane to Raul 
AMF: Pinel to Pires 
Amf: Solqueras to Socrates 
Amf: Gillonai to Giresse 
SB: Vard to Vogts 
SS: Simane to Signori 
AMF: Loo Corna to Rui Costa 
GK: Yalem to Yashin 
SMF: Kayukin to Karpin 
CF: Larcan to Larsson 
SB: Carl Andeson to Carlos Alberto 
SMF: Orondor to Odonkor 
AMF: Fuhren to Falcao 
CF: Elkama to MBoma 
AMF: Bohen to Boban 
SMF: Gigen to Ginola 
SS: Noglau to Neuville 
CF: Huno Sametz to Hugo Sanchez 
SW: Corso to Costa 
AMF: Jarille to Juninho 
GK: Aloar to Adler 
CB: Hubelmeis to Hummels 
CF: Boramikki to Boksic 
AMF: Netret to Nedved 
DMF: Parl Salsa to Paulo Sousa 
AMF: Mowkerai to Mostovoi 
DMF: Islero to Hierro 
CF: Bussarana to Rafael Barber 
SS: Revant to Rivaldo 
GK: Dengua to Dida 
CF: Kemar to Koller 
CB: Weagert to Wheater 
SS: Reora to Recoba 
GK: Pjiromel to Preud'homme 
CMF: Tor Serina to Cerezo 
CF: Landroam to B.Laudrup 
CMF: Termou to Tigana 
GK: Maldor to Maier 
DMF: Law Kit to Roy Keane 
CF: Elcherino to Eusebio 
CF: Dely Run to Denis Law 
SMF: Meyelena to Movilla 
WF: Begrstaron to Beguiristain 
GK: Calmen to Campos 
SMF: Fillco to Figo 
AMF: Isonola to Insua 
SB: Castrol to Castol 
AMF: Verdonan to Valderama 
CF: Shurak to Suker 
SS: Le Tecela to Le Tissier 
AMF: Nejuler to Netzer 
DMF: Efervoltz to S.Effenberg 
WF: Corthan to Conti 
SS: Di Canpo to Di Canio 
AMF: Hanue to Hagi 
AMF: Stjanoric to Stojkovic 
DMF: Gulangiala to Guardiola 
GK: Calzair to Canizares 
SS: Burnolen to Brolin 
CF: Iwan Russel to Ian Rush 
AMF: Barool to Bakero 
AMF: Giobancy to Giovani 
AMF: Kruger to Ballack 
CF: Harmey to Helmes 
SS: Famlan to Farfan 
CF: Salsalo to Salas 
GK: Shirawtel to Schmeichel 
AMF: Nirasaki to Nakata 
CF: Mirakenic to Mijatovic 
CF: Hotteubenik to Hasselbaink 
WF: Benuki to Best 
CF: Durlmints to Dalglish 
CB: Minilovic to Mihajlovic 
SMF: Rootz Eliquelo to Luis Enrique 
SS: De Squeran to Di Stefano 
CF: Halah Sumul to Hakan Sukur 
AMF: Froequertoli to Francescoli 
CMF: Ze Romento to Ze Roberto 
SB: Dean to Dede 
CF: Kmolo to Kuranyi 
CF: V. Mistelroum to V.Nistelrooy 
AMF: Ljankeni to Ljungberg 
CF: Virota to Viduka 
SS: Skorimilov to Stoichkov 
CF: Rona Kira to Roger Milla 
SMF: Popochski to Poborsky 
AMF: Mil Landelef to M.Laudrup 
CMF: Ward to Duncan Edwards 
SB: Algauei to Angloma 
CF: Pursel to Puskas 
SS: Sarteric to Savicevic 
AMF: Otoka to R.Okocha 
CF: Solasal to Zamorano 
GK: Chimral to Chilavert 
CF: Patenca to Pauleta 
CF: Dalshir to Dahlin
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